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  1. I just replaced mine on my 64 with a Carter fuel pump from Jegs. $28
  2. Yep. This is the same car. I wish I had more information surrounding the car.
  3. I'm 36 and I am on my second 1964 Riviera. I owned my first one 12 years ago when I was 24.
  4. Alright experts....I need some help. I live in central Ohio and after the car sitting for a couple months the weather warmed up a little so I decided to start my 64 up and take it for a little spin. After a couple cranks and pumping the gas pedal she started up (sat for a month), however a few minutes into running I observed fuel leaking from the fuel pump. I got under her and it appeared it was coming from the top end of the fuel pump and not the intake on the bottom side. It was flowing pretty good so I immediately turned it off. Got underneath her again and wiped it up and let it sit for a couple minutes. Then I decided I would fire it back up and then this time there was no leaking....dry as a bone. Let it run for quite awhile and the leaking was gone. Two weeks later, exact same scenario however i only pumped the gas pedal once, thinking that might have been the problem. Any recommendations on possible causes? I also took it to my mechanic which was approximately 15 miles away and he has not been able to reproduce the issues? Thanks in advance for the help!
  5. Thanks gentlemen. Great to have this forum and Rivi community.
  6. What are you calling the “hood.” Am I correct that I need to do this once I’ve unbolted both from the battery box?
  7. Sorry if this seems like a simple question, but just looking for validation before I tear into my grill. I assume to change my driver side low beam headlight i’ll need to remove the battery and unbolt the headlight assembly from behind battery box/shelf. I then assume there are some screws to remove the chrome bezel on the front of the headlight assembly to remove the actual headlight. Any tricks or tips to changing the headlight? Any pictures of it disassembled? Robert ROA # 15861 64 Regal Black w/ Standard Red interior
  8. I saw a post from 2015 where folks were inquiring about extenders for the front seats so your not so close to the steering wheel. Has anybody found after market bolt on slide extenders? There are a bunch of links on the inter webs but nothing for first gen Riviera’s. I’m 6’2” 320 and need a little more room. I don’t have power seats and thought I would ask before I custom make something. Thanks Robert
  9. Finally reunited with a 64 Riviera. It’s been 11 years since my last one ( Blue/blue). Regal Black with red standard interior. Bare bones but vintage air added. I’m going to enjoy the journey.
  10. Anybody know what this tag represents on a 64 Riviera. It’s located between the transmission and cross member on the bottom of the floor pan. Hard to make out. Looks like a 3 and an X
  11. Tell me if I'm being too picky and critical. I headed up to NH this past Saturday to look at a 64 Riviera and the body lines aren't sitting well with me. Is this just an easy door adjustment, expected for a 54 year old car or should I be concerned? I had a 64 several years ago and don't remember having this problem with the gaps around the door. Thanks, Robert