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  1. It was a sunny day and I tried the starting procedure after the engine stayed for an hour and it worked perfect. THANKS JON ?? Ok I will clean the braking cylinders and see if the problem is gone. Regarding the rope seal at the rear of the crank ,is there any company in the States that got a gasket like this : JBP told me that the BOP gaskets( both 3" and 3.25") won't fit on my 287 Pontiac engine. Does anyone knows which size this seal should have? In Germany I could ask some suppliers if I have the correct size of the two halfs.
  2. Yes sat a while at the seller but garage kept. I will try both I think , new hardware and new braking cylinders. Thanks
  3. Great support here . I received my 1955 GMC rear brake new hardware kit yesterday but the the springs won’t fit again , it the second kit I bought that won’t fit. I thought I got the original 11” rear drum brake but I do not know why it won’t fit. I need them because after a while of driving and brakes the brake shoes are chafing and the drum begins to get hot . I disassembled the whole brake checked the master cylinder and all other hardware parts but found nothing. After reinstallation the problem continued. For me it seems that the springs are old a little bid weak and when the brake starts to get warm the springs are not able to pull the shoes close. I attached a picture , could anybody tell me if this is an original 11” drum brake ?
  4. Thanks a lot Jon , i will not change my carb and try to start next time with your method. Now we got bad weather here with storms and rain , so it will take a while before i can drive. The two ropes for the rear main seal? I thought it is normaly a seal ring or two rubber half seals. Does anybody knows which size/ dimensions, that I am able to check if i could by german seals?
  5. Thanks you all for all the information.? I did not find the rear crank ( main) shaft seal its also not included in the kit of rockauto. Thanks Jon , I have checked the number of the carb its written Bendix WW 23-106B and its a two barrel . The Carb seems to need overhaul or replacement. Every time when I shut down the engine and if I do not restart within the next 5 minutes it is bad starting up 2-3 hours. When the engine is cold again it starts perfect. I do not really know what the fault is but for me it seems to be the carb. Which carb could I use for replacement?
  6. Hi my name is Giorgio , I live in Germany and last year I bought a 1955 GMC 100 with a Pontiac 287 V8 Engine with a single barrel carb. Now I am a little bid in trouble because of an oil leak at clutch area and water leak at timing cover area on the engine.? My carb also seems to need overhaul or replacement! I wanted to buy parts in the states but I do not find them for the 287 Pontiac engine , like rear crank ( main) shaft seal and timing cover gaskets, intake manifold and carburetor. Does anybody know which early pontiac engine parts are interchangeable ? As far as I know there are 317,347,370,389,326........engines , but I do not know which of these engines have the same gaskets and seals. If anybody could help me it would be great! Thanks in advance for any feedback and help. regards Giorgio