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    wiring up the instrument cluster 1936 Plymouth

    Found your story and pictures here fascinating on your 1936 Plymouth instrument rebuild. That appears to be about a year ago and I wonder how that project went. I am sitting on probably the largest shelved collection of MOPAR radios from the 1930s into the early 1949 series. Also now coming along with quite a large selection of collected dash assemblies for many of those years and applications. Only comment for now is that your 1936 Plymouth would have had its own radio with the control shaped to fit in place of the left ash tray and with control wires going down to the power box mounted on the fire wall. Most would have been installed by the dealer after purchase of the vehicle as an accessory. My original vehicle that kind of got me started in this radio research collection was with our 1936 Dodge Touring Sedan, not very different from your Plymouth I'd say. Anyhow, if you can, you might let me know how your Plymouth project is coming along and if there might be any information I might be able to help with. Bert 541-350-3056 Redmond (central), Oregon