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  1. Thank you both for your replies. I had my application in to join the Hupmobile Club before I even had the car in my possession. I look forward to the magazine and the technical help.
  2. Hello all , I recently purchased a 1931 Hupmobile Century Six Sedan and the outside top insert is damaged. What is the correct grain pattern? It currently has the remnants of the long grain pattern that you would find on a model A. Is this correct? I’m new to Hupmobiles so I am unsure. Also where is the best place to find the material? Thank you in advance, Jeff
  3. Looks like an F-3 which was the "Heavy Duty" 3/4 ton. You can almost make out the designation on the fender. The F-2 was the standard 3/4 ton while your one ton would be badged an F-4. If it is a 1950, its the early version as they moved the shifter from the floor to the steering column half way through the year. Ford also made the bed sides smooth without the structural indents like this one has. Looks solid, the only fault I see is its too far away.
  4. These are both listed in the Seattle Craigslist from the same seller, who is located just across the border in Langley British Columbia. So here is the big question... Convertible or hardtop? https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/ctd/d/seattle-1959-oldsmobile-super-88-scenic/7154794829.html https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/ctd/d/seattle-1959-oldsmobile-dynamic-88/7154793047.html
  5. my apologies... https://medford.craigslist.org/cto/d/central-point-1954-buick-special-2d/7153688963.html
  6. Found this ad. Looks like a nice smaller series Buick. According to the ad all original and low miles. Why restore when you can enjoy one now? The only drawback besides no interior pics, is the distance at which the pictures were taken at. 20 feet away can hide a lot of flaws. Could be a great cruiser plus for those non-Dynaflow fans. 1954 Buick special, 2 door, original 264 nailhead, 3 on the tree, 65,000 original miles runs and drives great $10,800 obo
  7. I ran across this ad. These are stunning trucks and hopefully it gets the full restoration it deserves. Only four pics but it looks complete. Very Rare - 1936 Terraplane Pickup - Suicide Door Mostly complete and ready for restorationPlease email with any questions or additional pictures. https://billings.craigslist.org/cto/d/billings-1936-hudson-terraplane/7138147931.html
  8. I ran across this ad and thought I would share. Looks to be a nice prewar Buick that is complete and not a rust bucket. Plus isn't that just about the best interior seat pattern? https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/cto/d/capistrano-beach-1928-buick-master-6/7147869520.html
  9. I happen to have an original ‘48 special sedan and yes the dash is supposed to be grey. All 1948 Buicks had grey dashes except for the convertibles which were painted body color. As a side note most ‘48s had all black steering wheels and shift knobs. A few I have seen have the (more attractive) ivory color, as in your picture. I assume they were using up the leftover stock from ‘47 before switching to the all black. I haven’t researched the production numbers for confirmation though. If you go ahead with your purchase be prepared for smiles and waves everywhere you go. -Jeff
  10. Hello. I purchased a 1931 Buick series 87 recently and the front exterior visor decided, it didn't want to make the 3 1/2 hour trip back with the rest of the car. My question is this... Are the visors the same for all series cars, or do I need to find a series 80 or 90 to get a visor from? Are there any other years or makes that GM/Fisher body used that would fit? Thank you all in advance. -Jeff
  11. Talk about the deal of "the Century"... sorry I couldn't help it. It seams to be a VERY solid car. If I was closer it would be following me home. Sleeping on the couch be damned.
  12. I recently purchased a 1931 Series 87. If you change your mind on selling some of the parts let me know as I could use a front exterior visor and some other parts as well. Thanks -Jeff
  13. I could use the gravel shields and the left rear bumper guard. Let me know how much you want for them. Thanks, Jeff
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