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  1. Hello guys,


    So here's some more details for you all. This car is located on the Maine Craigslist. 1953 Mercury Monterey 4 door, dark green. $5800.


    I spoke with the seller on the phone, very nice. Next morning asked about a time and he was very rude... So decided not to waste my time with someone like that... (Of course he was nice again when I said I will pass)


    Said the car needs shocks, tires, carb rebuild, tune up, etc. 35 year old repaint in okay condition.


    Looks like a nice car if any of you want a good looking cheap driver in Maine.


    Also appears to have some weird body work on the rear fender. Rough rounded edges where the fender skirt goes plus some interesting looking paint. Not sure what's going on with it. Might be nothing.


    Thank you everyone for your help.


  2. Dave, he said he is working and just doesn't want it to take all day, probably is tired of the tire kickers. Maybe I'll be able to get a short ride, I don't know.


    Grog, he said he's got a title. I'm in NH, so I don't even need one anyway. It's about an hour and a half away. I'll see how it goes tomorrow. If you saw in my other post, I'm a teen and haven't learned to drive a standard yet (this is one), otherwise I'd ask to take it on a drive myself!


  3. Hello folks,


    Will be checking out a 1953 Mercury Monterey tomorrow. This probably should have been in the Mercury section, but since I'm checking it out tomorrow, it's kind of short notice and there seems to be more action here.


    From photos, seems to be a good driver. It's a standard. Anything in particular that I should be checking on it? Can't get a test ride (probably) because seller is short on time. Looks to be complete. Good interior. Last on the road a few years ago. Seller says it needs a general tune up, tires, carb rebuild, shocks, the works.


    Seems like parts are kind of iffy on availability?


    Flathead V8. Are these good cars? This will be my first "real" classic, so trying to get some opinions. Not a whole bunch of info on these.


    Thank you everyone for your time. I appreciate it! :)


  4. Hello folks,

    As the title says, I'm a 17 year old. I've been interested in antiques for many years, and over the past couple have started to get into cars. I built a 1927 T speedster over the past winter as a learning experience, and am now (or soon will be) ready to upgrade.


    I do have an actual daily driver. But I am looking for something to drive a lot during the warmer months (New England). I'd like something that has plenty of parts or support for (especially easy to find sized tires and stuff like that) I do not mind things like no radio, no power anything, low max speed, stuff like that. I would want something that can be found for around $6000 and below, that can be found in general good or driver condition, nothing showroom, but nothing with rust holes and mice eaten interior either. Really don't want to go broke finding parts and buying the thing pretty much.


    I love model As, but will never find one that doesn't need an interior and new paint job at my budget.


    I love styles of all years. I've been seeing stuff like a falcon of a valiant that matches my criteria, but I'd love something that's more 50s style (or even earlier).


    Do any of you have any recommendations for someone like me?


    Thank you for any help provided, I greatly appreciate it.


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