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  1. I did this last year and it was difficult to track anything down. The only thing left available that I could find is Centric 602.62052. I ordered from CarId, looks like they still have them here, $10.46 each. You'll have to reduce the diameter slightly and use a spacer as described in other posts. The simplest spacer was just to push out the sleeve from the old bushings and cut off the necessary length.
  2. Thanks for the pointer. I did have to adjust a little to allow full travel. The handheld only shows 88% at full throttle, and maxes out there even without any bracket attached. According to the documentation, anything between 85 and 100 is fine though. I did find that the throttle rod was a little preloaded at rest since I couldn't adjust it any shorter. I ended up cutting off the top tab of the bracket and welding it back on flipped 180 and angled towards the front (I think this was what you were suggesting in your thread). The re-configuration takes care of the preload issue, and the ro
  3. Yes, white custom interior, which is original and in great condition. The paint was originally midnight blue though. Repainted black at some unknown time in the past.
  4. I just copied them inline with the text and it looked fine when I posted, and even after. I guess I was hitting the attachment limit size though. I shouldn't have assumed that the forum would manage the photos. I'll post some resized images.
  5. Thanks for the heads up about the air cleaner hold down. There is no rod included with the kit. I used the one that came with the new air cleaner. Cut to size and threaded in by hand until I felt resistance. Haven't experienced any issues.
  6. Hmm, strange that it looks fine for me. I didn't notice there was a max size on attachments. I'll try downsizing and posting in a couple of batches. Here is the first set. I tried to keep them in the same order described in the original post. *Edit: Fixed photos in original post. Removed from here
  7. I just finished installing a Holley Sniper EFI on my 65. I have been considering doing this since rebuilding my original carb two years ago and still not being able to get things dialed in the way I wanted. I think a lot of the problems I was seeing were due to the previous owner running without the steel plate under the carb for too long, causing corrosion on the base of the carb. Anyway, another big thanks to RockinRiviDad for the post last year, which was invaluable in solving a few issues, particularly the throttle linkage. Here is a bit of a write up with some lessons learned.
  8. And here is the closest I could get to before and after stance shots from the same location. Same camera placed at the same position on my work bench, although the pan angle is a little off. This is from stock original springs to 1" drop.
  9. I haven't posted much, but have certainly made use of the posts here over the last couple of years. A big thank you to others for sharing, and I wanted to start documenting some of the work I have done in case it is useful for the next person to go through some of these jobs. Last winter I rebuilt the suspension and brakes on my 65. This post was extremely useful for selecting front end parts without having to order multiples and then return stuff. Not a whole lot to add, except to point out that the advice to offset the upper control slightly towards the rear made it possibl
  10. Yeah, I use an iPhone, and later found a little note in the manual saying it would not work with iPhone. I'm guessing the USB port uses the old spec (0.5A max I think), whereas most chargers provide > 2A of current these days. You may find that your phone charges slowly.
  11. I upgraded the stereo in my 65 last year, and went with the RetroSound Hermosa, which I have been very happy with. No mods needed for the dash, but the black plastic bezel that goes around the face of the head unit needed a bit of filing top and bottom to fit in the dash opening (Yes, the bezel pushes in from the back side). The hands-free microphone is mounted in the empty center slot between courtesy and antenna switches. I had also originally mounted the USB/3.5mm Aux into the cigarette lighter opening, but later found out that the USB port is purely for audio input, and will not charge a
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