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  1. Thanks, @harry yarnell. I'll pull my existing cluster out and test them. One last follow up (...and I think I know the answer): If one of the clusters is faulty for whatever reason (error code, no display, etc.), they are still worth keeping, correct? With my history owning Fieros, there's a certain amount of hording that is associated with the hobby, so I imagine this is no different.
  2. I have 2 untested 90/91 clusters. Is there a way for me to bench test these clusters (short of installing them)? I have a cluster plug, and I can supply 12V and ground to the appropriate pins. Just curious if this is something that can be done on a bench or if communication to the BCM would be required. total mileage stored on the cluster itself or is it sent to the cluster for display? Thanks!
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  4. Success! I replaced the servo (terminals C--> E measured open on the old one, @nic walker was right) and replaced the vacuum lines. Everything works as expected. Thanks for all of the help!
  5. I'm trying to maintain the car as a daily driver during the week so that I can do larger projects on other vehicles. I'm pretty sure that's the only thing that stopped me... @Barney Eaton: Good luck on the Corvair. Not sure if there's a place on this forum for off-topic pics, but post something once it's back on the road!
  6. Replaced the vacuum lines and tested the servo ( The servo is bad. I should have the replacement installed some time this week. I've only had this car for a couple of months and I need to make sure I focus on one repair at a time. As soon as I tear something apart, I see something else that isn't "quite right". It's like I'm chasing squirrels...
  7. I have a 1993 Riviera and the outer dew wipes are showing their age. Does anyone know a source for aftermarket or OEM dew wipes?
  8. Thanks @AZVET Those pictures are exactly what I needed.
  9. Thanks for all of the replies! I've learned a lot about my Riviera just from browsing the Reatta part of the forum. Thanks for bearing with me. The 7th gen Riviera isn't very well represented in the Riviera part of the forum.
  10. Ok...I know this is a dumb request. I have a 1993 Riviera and the spring that returns the parking brake to the disengaged position when you pull the release handle is missing from my car. Can someone post a picture of where this attaches? Thanks!
  11. Just an update: I haven't had a great deal of time to work on this, but I did do some preliminary checking. The vacuum lines are completely toast. They are baked enough that black chalk comes off in your hands when you touch them. I have replacements and will be replacing them before doing more troubleshooting. I suspect that it isn't just the vacuum lines because the "Cruise" light doesn't come on. Either way, I would be at a stopping point when I got to the vacuum lines anyway. Thanks for all of the replies!
  12. Thanks for the reply, Nic. I should add: The "Cruise" light never appears on the gauge cluster.
  13. I have a 1993 Riviera and the cruise control does not work. I just purchased the car and it hasn't worked since I got it. I was going to use the built in diagnostics to check the status of the cruise control inputs, but BI71 through BI77 do not appear on the diagnostic list. Any idea what is happening? My assumption was that my diagnostics were the same as the Reatta 90-91 list. Any help is appreciated.