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  1. If you do a google search of a 1970 AMC Ambassador Wagon, and go to images, you’ll find my actual car. Some dude wrote an article about it for Best Rides, a few years ago, before I bought it.
  2. Thanks Rusty. I totally forgot I posted this. I don’t think this is a delux version, I believe that was the SST with the wood trim.
  3. Hi, I’ve had this car for several years now and I’ve been slowly bringing it back. It’s almost there. Over the years however, I haven’t been able to find another example of a DPL. I’d like to know how many were made, and get an approximate value for this car, purely for my own curiosity. Its a 1970 Ambassador Station Wagon, Brown, no wood trim, 360, four barrel, automatic. Id appreciate any info anyone might have. Thanks for reading.
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