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  1. Hi, I live in Sweden and have a 1965 Riviera. I am looking for a complete set of upholstery, but I need help to find some that I am sure is good quality and that the upholstery fits correctly. Otherwise it is going to cause me a lot of headache returning (if possible) and get my money back. I found at opgi.com and carid.com, seems like that it is the same manufacturer. I have to ask them about difference between standard and custom and if they have both front and rear seat. But the main question to you out there is if they fit alright and if it seems like it is qood quality? It's going to be quite expensive since I have to pay customs and VAT 25% in Sweden + shipping. Else I have a person here in sweden that can make the interior from scratch, in that case I know it will fit alright, but he says the vinyl might not be exact as original. Thanks for reading this far! Best regards Olle Hildebeck
  2. Thanks everyone. I'll try with a standard puller, if it doesn't fit I'll buy a smaller. I hope it's not stuck, and assume it's no problem to put it back to place. Maybe I can get this to work this weekend ? Olle Riviera
  3. Hi, I am not sure if this is the correct forum for repair questions, but I'll give it a try. I live in Sweden and have a 1965 Riviera. I have a problem with the turn signal not going back automatically, so I removed the steering wheel. In the Buick Service Manual they use a remover tool for removing the cover which covers the turn signal assembly. Can I use some other tool to remove the cover without damaging the cover? Thanks in advance for any answers. Olle