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  1. Not been able to find any information out there on the Vision-all system. Was this system made by Anderson, Trico, or Delco? I haven't pulled it down, but I guess I am still not fully understanding how it works. Does the vacuum turn the motor or is it more like an air cylinder? My 1930 Cadillac V-8 sedan has this system but it isn't working. Does anyone know of a source for a rebuild kit? Curious what anyone might know about it. David
  2. Thanks for the reply, maybe my top is closer to the original than I thought. David
  3. Looking for information on the correct pattern for the top decking material on a 1930 Fisher body 5 passenger Cadillac. I am thinking that Buick and other GM Fisher bodied cars may have used the same material? I have only found the "Cobra grain" style used on Model A Ford closed cars. Seems that this is often used on pre-war cars in general. The top decking on the car now doesn't seem to be original and has little or no grain at all. The edging material doesn't look quite right either. Anyone know of suppliers that carry the Fisher style material and edge material if it is not th
  4. The fasteners used are GulmiteI believe. not sure what size, but these sockets and nut drivers show up now and then on Ebay. Does anyone know what size Gulmite bolts were used on the Trippe lights? David
  5. My 1930 data sheet shows an R-M code. This would correspond to paint manufacturer Rinshed-Mason of Detroit Michigan. So maybe they were a supplier to Cadillac or Fisher Body maybe? I haven't been able to find Parketa Green (RM 23320) so I have no idea what it would look like. The second color is Pinehurst Green (23320). I did find a Pontiac color for Pinehurst Green which matches the same number as 1930 Buick Pinehurst Blue in a DuPont cross reference, so maybe it is the same color? Unfortunately that reference doesn't have Cadillac listed for 1930. Not sure if th
  6. I've noted that original Trippe and Lorraine lights use a armored wire of sorts. It appears to have been black, maybe brown when new. I have a few sample pieces left on lights I have. Can't tell if the wire was fed through conduit (don't think so) or if the armor is part of the wire insulation? Does anyone know a source for new wire with this pattern? On a few restored cars, I have seen this replaced with a chrome conduit. As an aside, I have a Lorraine spotlight with a tag on it with Lorraine markings as well as showing Cadillac Motor Co. Detroit - genuine accessories (or some
  7. Could it be for a '29 Cadillac as well? Apparently the clearance to the headlights was such that the stone guard needed these cut outs? Dave
  8. Question for the 29 and 30 Cadillac owners here, how does one open the headlight to change bulbs or remove the cross brace V8 logo? The service manuals don't address this, so I am assuming it might be simple? I just don't want to damage anything... David
  9. Dave, Saw that the outer door handles are not on your car and that your door panels are off. Do you know how the outer door handles attach to the inner mechanism? I have a Fisher body 1930 Cadillac and am missing one rear door handle and the one on the front just spins but doesn't open the door. Luckily I can still get in the passenger's side! The Fisher body manual isn't too clear on this (at least for me). Curious what you have learned from your car about this. Looks like the car is coming together well, have really enjoyed reading your updates. David
  10. Curious if anyone responded about sources for stone grilles. I have a 1929 Cadillac that could use one as well. Hoping someone is making them. David
  11. The cap would not have been threaded in, had two ears. From what I can tell, the basic cap is smooth and is a slight dome like a gas cap would be. The ears of the cap would fit a space of 2 3/8" and the rest of the inner hole would only be 2 1/4". The outer of the cap would be at least 3 3/4" to line up with the chrome base of the grille shell. I think other GM cars like Buick may have used a similar type base, but Buick caps have a fin on top apparently. The photos with the goddess ornament shows the cap base as it would have been on a plain cap. I've seen a couple of these cars with Mo
  12. Thanks everyone, the Restoration Supply ones are exactly what I am looking for! David
  13. Not yet, joined the AACA first. I did go to the Cadillac LaSalle Club meeting in Michigan a few weeks ago. Didn't come up with any leads there beyond contacting Dick Shappy Classic Cars in Rhode Island. Sent an email, hadn't heard back yet.
  14. Anyone have a source for "red" rubber cooling system hoses? Needed for a 1929 Cadillac and other projects.
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