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  1. Hi Mike, Interesting. I am so glad I found this post and am learning a lot about this old truck - we are looking to sell it and open to offers. Thanks!
  2. Thank you so much for your help! I think we just may never know exactly! I hope we can find someone who enjoys it as much as my Grandpa did - Thanks!
  3. The T on the left front of the engine matches my VIN number on the Title! There is a number 84905 then a space then a 25 - that sort of seems like a Vin Number according to the numbers. I did find a reference book & the Serial Numbers starting in 8483101-8498804 say they were H20, H30, H 21 & H 31 - and either 1 ton or 1.5 TN - there is also a B 22 K 614S or something like that number which i thought maybe the B meant 3/4 ton and someone else thought it was too because the wheel base was 131". My uncle said he talked to some guy who thought he knew about our truck and he thought it
  4. Hi - Wow, I am very glad I found this website. I am getting help on another more frequent forum, but wanted to let you know I discovered the title of our 1933 Dodge Brothers is incorrect from this forum! The Engine Number I have is T29230 (which the title said the VIN was) and the VIN is 8490625 - other numbers are also B 22 K 61 45.... My grandpa gave this old truck to my dad for his Construction Company & our mechanics have been helping to care for it and we have been using it in parades. We recently decided that my grandpa would be ok with us selling it (he has passed) as none of us
  5. I just went & looked and the number on the Engine is actually what our Title says the VIN is - the Enging has T29230 on it & I found another number 8490625 that might be the VIN? or the B22 number? That was more on the back of the under the hood. It said 8400 for weight. Our mechanic said that he would bet that it is original engine & original transmission. My dad owns a construction company, and my grandpa gave it to us - we have used it for our construction company in parades, and recently had it at a Prime Steel Show here in town. Our mechanics have been taking care of it
  6. And my uncle went and he said 130” ha, so hopefully 2” is close enough.... my husband said the wheel was turned. Who knows who is a better measurer!
  7. Ok I had my husband go measure it - he said 132”... Any information is very appreciated! I am very glad I found this website!!
  8. Hi, I am trying to sell a 1933 Dodge Brothers Truck, I believe it is a 1/2 Ton per the Title. I don't know any information about it, my Grandpa gave it to my dad. Any information you may have about this truck, for example a Model Number would really be helpful.
  9. Hi - I see this post is rather old, but maybe some of you are still on here? My grandpa gave my Dad a 1933 Dodge Brothers Pickup that we have had for many years and used in parades. It still runs. We have decided to try and sell it as no one really has the passion to continue to take care of it and we are running out of storage space. I have been trying to list it online but I really don't know very much information - for example - Classic Cars wanted the Model... I don't even know if it is a Dodge Brothers, the title says Dodge but the Truck says Dodge Brothers. My grandpa had it restore
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