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  1. Stewart Speedometer-Ford-Durant-Chevy-Dodge-1915-1916-1918-1920 Very good condition asking $75.00
  2. I have an original set of Gravel Guards , I think they will fit a 1951 -52 Chevrolet 4 door they are stainless steel asking $80.00 plus shipping
  3. Antique Motorcycle Horn from the 1920's , it is a hand Klaxton #3 in excellent condition asking $300.00
  4. Late 1920's metal trunk and matching rack for sale ,not sure what model car it was removed from , but it is in very good condition . Asking $350.00
  5. For sale a set of gravel guards to fit a 1951 Chevrolet asking $80.00 U.S. plus shipping
  6. Looking for top irons for a 1928 Ford Phaeton
  7. I have 3 different sizes with that pattern , I marked the size on masking tape 8 3/4 X 7 63/64 Part # 12941 10 49/64 X 9 31/32 part # 10093 10 15/32 X 9 19/32 part # 10095 Larry
  8. Sorry Weathered I don't have any lenses to match yours
  9. Do you have any measurements of the lens ? Is it flat or convex ?
  10. I still have a large assortment of lenses , I don't have the ones you are looking for , I am checking with a friend who also has some lenses , when I hear from him I will get back to you .
  11. I have for sale an assortment of vintage headlight lenses from the 1920's and 30's , give me the measurement of the lens , and weather it is flat or convex , and a picture if you have it , prices range between $10. and $30. each plus shipping .
  12. Hand made automotive Wall Plaques 8" X12" made of 1/2" Ash prices range from $35.00 to $45.00 , cut out with a scroll saw , would make a great gift ,would look great in a rec room or man cave . ready to hang . Can only cut out the pattern's I have .
  13. Parting out a mid to late 20's four cyl. Plymouth engine , if anybody needs any parts make an offer. Engine is located in Nova Scotia , starter and generator are sold .
  14. The numbers do turn , the speedometer appears to be in working condition . it is located in Nova Scotia Canada .
  15. The trunk is located in Nova Scotia Canada . Larry