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  1. i believe that the fan was 15" across originally by the marking on the radiator fins
  2. I am beginning my search for a switch/coilbox for my 1910 IHC j-30. I have a 1910 splitdorf model D magneto. The coilbox is not the more traditional vibrating type of box. It is smaller than one might expect. My IHC is a 4-cylinder but uses the smaller Model D magneto. Any ideas?
  3. I am in the early stages of my restoration of my 1910 IHC j-30. It was quickly apparent that I do not have an original fan. The one I have is smaller than I expected and from drawings I can see in the 1911 owner's manual it probablyhad a wire wrap around the outside of the blades. Additionally i can see a mark on my radiator that suggests that the original was about 15" diameter. The pulley and blade mount seems to be ok so i am hoping I might be able to salvage that part. I would add though that the bearing race has really seen a lot of miles. Any suggestions on how I can go about finding/creating a new one?
  4. I know it has been a long time but am interested if you still have the coil box. It is similar though not exactly like the one I need.
  5. I am sorry for the slow response. I have been out of time. It appears that my mag is a model D and thus would have a non-vibrating type of box
  6. Being an old Model T man this is all new to me. I have the splitdorf magneto (much different that the magnetos I am used to in the "T" transmission) still mounted beside the engine. I am more used to the coil box arrangement on my '15 and how those coils work. I know that the box pictured is in fact on a J-30 and thus is a 4 cylinder car. I am not sure however how it is interconnected. The problem is that there are just not a lot of the J-30s around to compare. Those one can find by a search have been restored without reference to the original specs. I am sure open to some place I can read up on how these systems work. My wife's grandfather, wired in a modern coil so he could drive the car around and ran it off a battery so I don't have a lot to go on. My car is a early-mid year 1910 (car #47) Thanks
  7. This is the closest guess that I have. this is a different J-30 but we don't know for sure if it is original. Thanks for the help
  8. i'm sorry I can't help with the part, but if you need specific measurements, it may very similar to the pieces on my 1910 IHC J-30. Let me know if I can send pictures etc. (but not the part. sorry)
  9. I am looking for a splitdorf coil box that would be used on a 1910 four cylinder. In particular I am working on an IHC J-30. It was a dash mount as would be expected. Any ideas? Thanks