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  1. Please would you kindly tell me the turning circle for a '38 Roadmaster
  2. If you use a momentary push button switch which you press and let go at the same time as you press the accedlrator pedal . . . :)
  3. Thank you very much Spinneyhill. Would you happen to know what size tyres were fitted to Series 4 between 1936 and 1939 please? Thanks, Mike
  4. Excellent, thank you very much Don ? Now I can work out tyre sizes
  5. Please would someone kindly tell me, Buick Special '36 to '39 Rim widths ?
  6. Easy and rewarding job. Fit a later 12v dynamo or an alternator Fit a later12 regulator, not needed with an alternator. Fit a second 6v battery. It doesn't need to be a big battery. Connect 2nd battery earth to 1st battery live. Connect regulator output to 2nd battery. Connect old lighting circuit to 2nd battery live. Change bulbs. Use headlights as normal Used to take me a couple of hours from scratch. 1st one took a bit longer of course. I found a good place the put the 2nd battery was between rad and grill. You end up with good 12 volt lights and 6 volt everything else.
  7. http://www.upgi.com/media/2485/breakaway-kits.pdf
  8. Us calls 'em seesaws. The skinny kid sits at the end. The fat kid sits nearer the middle. Trailers and tugs are much like seesaws. If yer puts a heavy kid on the bar, yer takes weight off the front wheels. Mucks up your steering summat wrotten, Smart folks move the load backards and foreuds to get the nose weight right. A longer nose means you can overload your trailer front axle wi'out lifting so much weight orf of the front wheels on your tug. Not so much swings and roundabouts more the toy you had fun when you wuz a kid. Or, first order levers if want a bit o' simple science. http://www.dynamicscience.com.au/tester/solutions1/hydraulicus/simplemachineslevers1.htm
  9. How about sloping the front of the box ?
  10. Would you be after knowing this trick? Clamp all hoses just enough to stop flow, then slack one clamp off just enough to act as a one way valve while you bleed it's downstream nipple? Repeat for other corners. Please remember to take all clamps off afterwards ?
  11. Lower viscosity = higher flow rate. Lower oil pressure = higher flow rate. Higher flow rate = better lubrication. Better still, ask, say Castrol, what oil they recommend. Contactus@bp.com
  12. MikeMike

    Non detergent oil

    The 10/30 oil was thinner than the 20wt oil when the pressure was lower. Probably due to shear forces between loose 1 pistons and cylinder walls knackering up the viscocity stabilisers in the multigrade oil. 1 Loose relative to engines the oils were designed for. https://www.google.co.uk/search?rlz=1C1GCEA_enGB768GB768&ei=xau4W5X4BozVgAaG65jIDg&q=effect+shear+forces+on+viscosity+stabilisers+in+engine+oil&oq=effect+shear+forces+on+viscosity+stabilisers+in+engine+oil&gs_l=psy-ab.3...20722.33795.0.34682.
  13. MikeMike

    Non detergent oil

    A broad brush discussion document ;o) "Detergent" oil has a couple of "Magic" ingredients. Summat as stops little bits of muck as come from burning petrol sticking together. Summat as stops they ittle bits of muck sticking to metal. Multigrade oil has summat as stops it getting too thin to lub at 100C an' keeps it thin enough to just about lub at 40C. Neither 20W40 nor 20 grade lubs that well when it's brass monkeys. Your granddads would probably have diluted sump oil with kero in very cold weather. They may well have added kero, and run the engine for a while before they changed oil too. If you use a thinner oil, you get a better flow. Better flow = better lubing. If you have a better flow, you are more likely to wash sh . . you know what out your oil galleries, and through your bearings :-( The washed out sh . . may or may not damage your bearings. The washed out Sh . . may or may not clog your sump filter. Flow rate varies with temperature. Without knowing the temp of your oil. It's near on impossible to guess if 20 grade or 20W40 poses a greater level of risk when you're running.. If you've bought a used motor, best check the sump filter. At a guess, stuffing one o' they little camera do-dahs in through the sump plug 'ole and taking a gander round is a good startin' point.