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  1. Going touring next month and my right hub is to badly damaged to repair. Need help trying to find one.
  2. Thanks again! Can't wait for Hershey to stop by your spot and talk. One thing that I forgot to mention is that the cal, splash pans, Hood, front fenders and radeater are original to the running gear. So it was either a roadster or touring car.
  3. Thanks, I could use all the measurements I can get my hands on because nothing's lining up and the hardware is mostly Phillips screws, Metric bolts and Pine two-by-fours with spray foam holding the body together, so I got too rip all that out. I'm going to start from scratch anyway. What color did the 54s come in, just red with a red leather interior or did they have other color choices?
  4. It's not a true 22-6-54 or 22-6-44. The guy who had the car bought the buffalo wire wheels to replace the stock 32x4 wood spoke wheels. The roadster body is off of a 22-6-23, so i'm having trouble on what to do to line up the doors that he had or if they are the right length doors for the 124 inch wheelbase in the first place.
  5. Thanks for all the help! I'm planing on going on a four month road trip in it. After Hershey I'm going to take it down too avery nut and bolt, to get it roadworthy and dependable. I'm thinking about painting it a nice wood green color with a lot of nickel work and the classic black fenders. Here's my number if you're still at Hershey Friday. 410-961-1276 Thanks again, Kyle Barrow. Age 25
  6. The wheel base is 124 inches. Frame number #833318. Engine number #869534. The body number on the firewall is missing.
  7. Thanks for the Help, I'll get back with the numbers and I live in Essex, Maryland
  8. Going to be at Hershey on Friday. Need help with the following things! My buick was used as a hay hauler in Vermont. I think it was a five passenger touring car or a 6-44 or 6-54 roadster. I need help dating it to see if it's a 1922 or 1923. And i'm looking for the following parts or pichers of what they look like. -Valve cover -Door hinges and inner handle hardware -Hand windshield wiper -Knock off spare tire bracket for a 33-4 1/2 No.5 Buffalo wire wheel. -Top and hardware for my roadster -Spare distributor parts for touring, a good
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