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    Perfect antique car accessory

    I will ship one of these boats, on its trailer, anywhere in continental US for free.
  2. mahogany heartthrobs

    Perfect antique car accessory

    Its a brand new reproduction of a 1930's model mahogany runabout- except its all new technology. Deep V modern hull shape that gets on plane easily. A new Mercruiser 3.0L 4 cylinder that weighs half as much as the originals, puts out twice the horsepower and at 2 or 3 times the fuel economy. The enormous maintenance issues of the originals is largely eliminated. There is NO varnish to sand off and refinish every few years. Its finished in clear coat epoxy that requires no more car that your automobile. The bottom is a seamless epoxy/glass bottom with no planks that can move and leak- nothing to swell up in the Spring. Best of all, its light enough that anything can tow it (well, almost anything). And you can take it home and store it in a normal size suburban garage. Imagine how good this would look hitched up to a woody wagon. Check my website for additional pictures, and construction details,