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  1. 29 minutes ago, marty mopar said:

    4469312  RADIO
    4430120  PLAYER, Disc
    4469028  CABLE, Disc Player
    4430122  BEZEL, Disc Player, Black


    have 3 of them and at least one works


    75.00 plus shipping


    Can you give me a total price shipping to zip code 33064. How do you want to handle payment ?

    Thanks, Chet

  2. Looking for info;

    If I pull the top pull down assembly to remove the motor will I still be able to put the latching assembly back to secure the top from weather ?

    Dumb Question I know but, please advise. Thanks, Chet

  3. Hi Everyone,

    Getting desperate here as I really need the High Pressure (liquid) hose that runs from the filter/dryer, to the compressor. Actually, I only need the final metal portion of that hose that has the flange that connects to the compressor. Now, it needs to come off of a 1990 TC 3.0L v-6.

    With the final metal piece I think I can get NAPA to replace/rebuild the hose (rubber) section. However, if anyone out there has this line I'd love to buy it from you. I'd buy a parts car but I have nowhere to put it. I can send pictures of the line & flange if necessary.

    Also looking to buy the following;

    Top pull down motor and linkage.

    Clear Opera windows for the hard top.

    Please let me know if anyone out there can help.

    Much Appreciated,


  4. Hi All, 

    Having an issue with the high pressure line that connects to the A/C compressor. Seems as though the flange is bent and will not pull down to seat the seal. Does anyone know of where I can get a replacement high pressure line ? Is this line the same as would be found on any 1990 Chrysler La baron with the 3.0L -6 ?

    Please feel free to contact me with any info or advice please at;


    Thank You,