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  1. I recently inherited this item which appears to be some sort of old official document. It has the "Stuyvesant Seal" in gold on it. The document reads : "Old-style touring car, with no hood. Has for-cylinder overhead camshaft engine and three-speed individual clutch transmission." Can anyone identify what exactly this is? Thank you! -L.Lyons
  2. Title: The Allen Course for Modern-Engine Tune-Up Publisher: Allen Electric and Equipment Company Publication Date: 1947 Vintage, used, Modern Engine Tune-Up, The Allen Course, electric equipment, mechanics, service book, manual. The book remains intact with all pages present. However, it shows overall wear including tears, discoloration, staining, notations throughout the book, and other signs of aging. Please see pictures for more details. Asking $45 (includes shipping). Will ship via USPS.
  3. 1966-1967 Chevy Chevelle Corvette Corvair Ignition Lock Cylinder Coded GM BS-19. I have 2 available. Asking $35 each and includes shipping. Condition is New. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.
  4. Nu-Rex Automatic Spark Timing System (Mechanical Advance) Ford Model A. Brand new. The kit consists of three pieces: • Centrifugal advance mechanism • Replacement shaft to couple it to the unmodified distributor • Replacement spring to hold the oil gear shaft in place. *Missing the Nu-wrench.
  5. I need some help identifying and placing a value on some old Zenith carbs that I have inherited. 1st carb is seized up. 2nd carb seems to be rebuilt and everything moves with ease. I have multiple instruction manuals, rebuild kits, new gaskets, new needle sets, needle housing, choke shaft, new fuel level gauge and filter, bolts and more also....
  6. I believe these are original visor brackets for the Model A.... No clue what they are worth though. Help?
  7. I am open to offers as well. I have lots of items (brochures, books, manuals, NOS parts, tools, ETC) that I need to get rid of.
  8. I recently came across this old letter from Weaver Manufacturing Co. I thought it was pretty interesting.
  9. For Sale: 1930-1931 Waltham Round Speedo. Needs to be cleaned up. Make me an offer.
  10. I am not sure if you are still looking to buy but I may have some things you are interested in. Here are some pics of a few of the items that I have. Thank you. -L. Lyons
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