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  1. Hello, I was just try to figure out what this went to. Thank You
  2. After looking it over closely I found where it says CHEVLITE. So I'm guessing original 31-32 chevy. Thanks again
  3. Just wondering what this bracket went on. Thanks
  4. I did take a photo of this one. Not sure what it is though
  5. Thanks for the reply. I think I've located the actual vehicle or what's left of it on that property now. It's covered in Vines and Briars. The frame and motor is just about all that's left from what I can tell. I'll try to get a picture or two of it next time I'm there. There's piles of old Parts laying everywhere. Pretty awesome place. Thanks again
  6. Hello, just thought I would share a few photos of what I found this morning. I know it's a little on the rough side but it's still really cool
  7. I came across a large amount of very early Parts here recently and these parts were mainly stored together. I was just trying to figure out if these were all 1924 ish Packard parts are not. Thank you
  8. Hello, I was trying to figure out what this piece goes on. Its approximately 11 7/8". Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You
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