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  1. Sorry if this has been posted already. Online auction, pickup only, in Dayton, Ohio: https://www.shopgoodwill.com/Item/103186009 Current bid is $3,000. Reserve is met.
  2. Thanks. I knew it looked expensive. From what I could gather, Locomobiles were one of the premier marques around that time.
  3. This car plays the role of the Kaiser's vehicle. To me, it looks like an American car, maybe a Buick?
  4. Maybach DS8 Zeppelin Stromlinien
  5. Strangely, it was through the news of the fire, that I learned that Notre Dame had a spire. Standing in front of it as an ignorant adolescent in the early 80s, I didn't notice one.
  6. Famous opera tenor Richard Tauber and his cars. He was a star in the 1920s, until he was forced to emigrate from Germany and Austria, but continued to perform until 1947.
  7. This car seems to have inspired the proportions of the most popular "rat rod" style, except that the Voisin is a complete automobile. What an amazing car.
  8. By the way, a good source on pre-war MBs is Heribert Hohner's Mercedes Benz Automobile, 6 vols. (BLV Verlagsgesellschaft, 1982-1986), specifically volumes 1 & 2. One of the many variations of the Mannheim:
  9. This car doesn't look like it has the Kompressor pipes.
  10. Unfortunately, I don't know, but there is a "Dr" visible on the sign on the wall. I didn't take a picture of the sign.
  11. This is not a Kissel. It's a 1915 Biddle "Victoria Touring" with a 4-cylinder Buda engine.
  12. Thanks 1937hd45. I'd never heard of a Kissel car before, so this show peaked my interest. As a general interest viewer, I really liked the show, although I think they could've gone into more detail. I watch new episodes of Wheeler Dealers, Chasing Classic Cars, and Junkyard Empire, where they show how specific restoration problems are dealt with. I understand that there's a world of difference between those shows and the levels of restoration.
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