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  1. Wow I didn't realise iI was going tto upset so many ppeople. I haven't checked to see if rrock auto hhas a big selection of dinaflow goodies. Other than the fluid they are known to leak. And so of course iI can just change the tranny and rear end like that's simple. And of in my search I just happen to find one of the best big blocks out there and yes it's a buick. So I try to ask some people how love this brand for advice and catch flack from purest that probably take their cars from town to town on a trailer.
  2. So I really don't know aanythingabout reliability. I haven't hhad her long and it did set for a few years. Didn't gget to talk to the previous owner as she had moved away. I do know iit had left her stranded aat the store. And if you really wwaMr to get rid of your washer jjar send it my way. But first call ABS power brake in California. I got a new booster aand duel reservoir master cyl from tthem that mounts under the car Where the factory one did. They also have ffrnot disk. Not cheap but better tthan stock.
  3. Crazy aas it seems to do upgrades tto a wonderful car my intention is simply make a cool daily driver that's safer and much more reliable. Not having to do constant adjustments to brakes as described iin the buick manual is a plus. Handling more like a newer car is a bonus. Yet still having a very classy style.
  4. Thanks Ben. At least I just didn't follow the crowd aand do a LS swap
  5. I understand your point. But I checked and O'Reilly could have a water pump in the morning for the 455. The kid looked at me like I was from mars when I asked about a 322. Lol and it's not the local ttrops that worry me it would be the cross country run. My nailhead is a strong motor and runs fine just have a chance tto grab a big block and well I love the smell oof tire smoke.
  6. I have a 55 Buick SSuper It is all original. I have a chance to buy a 455 with a turbo 400. I was wondering iif anyone hhere has tried tthis motor sswap. Yes I know the rear end has to be changed bbut the idea oof having something tthat parts are more available is appealing. Thanks for any help you may have
  7. I need a windshield wwasher bottle aand bracket for a 1955 buick super.
  8. I have a 4 barrel carb off of a 55 super but it is on a 322. Don't know if it's the same. But it was rebuilt aand is on a running mmofor.
  9. Do you need a radiator? I have one that is out of my 55 super. It holds fluid and worked ok for me.
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