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  1. Here is an older pic of my car before I switched to the correct Polyglas tires. The new tires fill the wheel wells properly and make the car look much better IMO.
  2. I have issue with how close you have to be to use this "extinguisher". The example video is a good example of this. The user is right in the smoke inhaling all sorts of toxins and in most fires the heat would make this a useless option. This is the benefit of a dry chemical extinguisher vs a CO2 extinguisher.
  3. Shot from a show during my 2018 7000 mile car show trip!
  4. I would look north or west of Seattle. Traffic south like others have said is brutal. I've hauled my car all over North America for shows and dread Seattle the most. Whidbey Island is sure nice and you have the option to drive north and around or take the ferry south to Seattle.
  5. I disconnect the negative battery cable as soon my car gets in the garage at home or once it's in the trailer. No battery drain and no chance of a fire
  6. Thanks Ted, I honestly don't know how I missed something so easy to find! I was under the shows/tours section where it only listed 2019 shows. I'm embarrassed to have answered such a stupid question! lol
  7. Is there a usual timeframe for when the 2020 event schedule comes out? I'll be picking holidays soon and want to try and make my first National show if possible.
  8. Looking for some Tungsol 6012S headlights for my AMX. Does anyone have some in very good condition they would like to part with at a reasonable price?
  9. Not sure about your areas but up here only the paint is waterborne not the clear and primer. I was the AHJ/Fire Marshall in a City of 150k people and dealt with spray booths. This setup is a lot better than some of the crap I've seen....lol
  10. As with any spray booth the heat and lighting must not have any sparking or open flame. Fresh air breathing is a must, you can buy a kit for this also.
  11. Thanks Frantz, it looks like I would be in 36J.
  12. Thanks for the link! The appendix at the end would be the last place I would have looked. That clarifies a few things. I also assume that an award from a non-national show doesn't count with regards to junior etc?
  13. I've tried the search feature and looked through the AACA website and couldn't find anything so figured I would just ask. I'm sure one of you helpful folks can answer my questions. I have never attended an AACA show but would like to start. Unfortunately I live in British Columbia so it's a long haul to events. From what i have learned you start in Junior then progress to Senior and Grand National? Is there 1st 2nd 3rd type awards or is it based on points only so not competing against other cars. For example there could be 3 "gold" level cars if they have the points for that award.
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