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  1. I had over 40 people as of yesterday that were waiting in line to either look or start making a deal ...but the first gent that approached me was the one that should have got it anyways. He already is beginning his work on restoring the old girl. And he has the resources to do it. I'm so happy it went to a guy like him......it was like I found it and just held on to it for a while waiting for him LOL. Morgan.....that is a fair chunk to travel alright. We could have met half way ya know
  2. I have provided the link to this forum, especially the pre-war section for the gentleman that now has my old girl. I've already warned him about this group.......errrr....mentioned how great a group this is. Nothing I have to warn you about regarding him except for the fact he is a buick man through and through. A great home for the 23-6-41!!!!
  3. He already has the link for this great group and who knows....may be lurking as we speak!
  4. Well...you can all rest easy ! I did make a deal with the gent that came yesterday to look at my car. He is a die hard Buick man and likes to keep his stuff in original condition.....same will apply to the 23-6-41. Just a FYI for those that were watching this.....
  5. At this point, I have 38 people interested LOL. One gent is coming today and wants to trade his 1988 Camaro Iroc-Z Cabriole (convertible), all original for my old girl. He is a Buick man and wants to retain all Buicks . The other 37 people are waiting to hear what happens today . Here is a pic of my vision for what I thought was a 1926 2 door sedan:
  6. What year is that and how many made?
  7. Just an update on my 23-6-41 that I'm dealing with. I have 12 people here on Vancouver Island interested...2 to look tomorrow and a few on the weekend. They ALL want to restore the car, nothing but, as I have stipulated. I'll do an update if you wish when something does finalize! I will definitely provide a link to this awesome group to the new owner also.
  8. I know a couple of you have mentioned this and it went right over my head. This was the only year my model was made, right? The following year it was a four door without a trunk and so on. Dang it! This car deserves to be brought up to par and shown off. MAYBE my hot rod project should be delayed a year or so? I will just have to grab a beer, sit down with her in the garage and think.
  9. I also this is a pic of a very similar car. At least a guy can get an idea on the interior 🙈
  10. I'll meet any of ya half way! This is kind of the direction I wanted to go with this car. But...no. And is this one of a Model 41 in the showroom?
  11. A guy should get it back to it's 20 year old look, dress up as a mob character and just drive it around It's a car that shouldn't be taken apart for a hot rod.
  12. LOL....good idea! Here are a couple....to start.
  13. As per the title.....I just can't bring myself to take this old girl apart to hot rod it. My goal is to do a hot rod so I will try to move this car on to someone that is interested. I'm asking $5000 Cdn which is what I have into it. If the distance works out, I may even do a road trip and deliver her for fuel costs. I live on Vancouver Island....but I love doing road trips. Used to drive truck
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