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  1. Many thanks Mark. I've emailed Bill and hope he can help.
  2. Looking for a con rod with casting mark 197920 for a 274 cu inch engine - can anyone help please? Roger England UK
  3. I would be grateful for some help as we have discovered on dismantling our 274 cu inch Master Six engine (in the UK) that there are 5 con rods of one type, and another, shorter con rod with a different casting number. Oddly, this shorter con rod seems to have a taller piston to compensate! Anyway, we're looking for a useable con rod with the casting number 197920. Can anyone help please? Regards Roger England
  4. Thank you for this. The photo posted is the only one available at present.
  5. Thank you very much for the quick response. Does this make the engine a 309 cu in then?
  6. I'm looking to buy a Buick Mastersix engine which has the serial number 2172207. I'm hoping its a 331 cu in engine dating from 1929 or 1930. Could someone give an expert opinion please?