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  1. Yes, and there are a lot of different reasons for people not sharing the price publicly. A LOT. 30+ years of never missing a single issue of HMN never taught me a thing except ASKING price which means nothing. On this public forum in particular I’ve avoided directly stating the cost of my ongoing engine rebuild for my plebeian Buick even though I think people (like me) deserve to know so they aren’t blindsided when buying an older but fastidiously maintained restoration. That reason is: FAMILY. The last thing I need is any one them doing a Google search and having my posts on the topic pop up.
  2. ⬆️‘s the part that caught my eye. When things are financed situations like this almost never happen because the lender does their due diligence and thus weeds out 99% of the ‘stupid’. This outfit flatly didn’t do it. At all. Him being out of state and that lender being out of state... I don’t see pinning it on them as any kind of cost effective remedy though. This is the dumbest purchase I’ve ever heard of in my life though - if that makes you feel any better.
  3. Usually my 2 cents aren’t helpful, but here they are: With me, not being very internet savvy and at that age where learning new things is getting harder and harder, the usual case is a link is moved and it’s not that it’s hard for people unfamiliar with the site to find it... it’s that I can’t break the old habit of where I used to find it. Kinda like a rat in a maze -and once I learn where I was finding the food someone slams down a diverter changing the entire maze. I have more problems finding the food than a rat put into it for the first time. I this case however, I do wonder if
  4. Yep, and decided rather quickly that since at this point everything is already farmed out to shops across the country (which is precisely what they said they wanted to avoid) that I’m rather in a position like being on a cruise ship. Once that ship has sailed and I’m onboard I’m not exactly in a position to demand they hire a different cook. I can complain about the one they have but it isn’t going to get me anywhere. The last thing I need right now is to recall it all and have something, anything, lost. Which is likely to happen when I wasn’t the one who took it all apart. Cross my finge
  5. Maybe I can talk about it: So I had my shop pull my car’s engine to ship off to a rebuild shop that I had selected and had a place in line with. He was all ready to take it. They pull the engine and then said, “Well, we don’t like to ship engines to places we aren’t familiar with when we guarantee the work. We’d prefer to send it to a place we’ve done business with.” I said, “Well, this guy has just done TWO identical engines [these are RARE].” They still balked so I said, “Ok, fine, do your homework and send it to someone qualified.” So they turn around and send it to a shop that has nev
  6. Nothing that I am prepared to talk about ... Gee, thanks Hugh, my blood pressure had just begun to come back down. LOL
  7. Man, why didn’t I think of that? I don’t like haggling. In fact I don’t. Not the way I was raised - if you ask too much you aren’t worth dealing with. Hasn’t let me down yet. But as for obtaining truthful information that I need to know to make a decision — that question isn’t confrontational, gets a person to think, lets their guard down... Yeah the truth would slip out.
  8. That is precisely what I was told with the Stu. There’s no adapting column-shift specific parts to the floor-shifted transmission — not without getting an engineer involved.
  9. Oh lord. They are complicated as H. and everything has to be precisely lined up and adjusted even though it may look like a jumbled mess (which it is). My only experience with a column shift was on a post-war Studebaker (after they had worked the worst bugs out of it) and early into my ownership something in it went slightly out of adjustment and it got stuck in whatever gear it was in. I thought a cotter pin had worn out and I bent a couple of finishing nails and jerry rigged a repair to get home. 30 years later I gave the car to a coworker and he finally discovered exactly w
  10. Have I ever bought a car listed on the ‘not mine’ section on this forum? No - but I sure wish I did. After ghosting this forum as a passive reader for more than 20 years it was a car that I bought through an estate that drove me to become active and network. I had no other choice because I was instantly in over my head with it. If I ever buy another car it would be through this forum. Most likely the member listings over the ‘not mine’ listings because I would want to know that the owner was actually knowledgeable about the car... But the ‘shakedown’ resulting from comments of k
  11. Actually I just partially answered my own question... A BIG reason for that is - aside from Model T & A Fords and a few 1930’s Chevies that had reproduction interior kits available for them - very few, if any of most models, non full CCCA Classic pre-war cars have correctly restored interiors. People aren’t exactly what you might want to call ‘eager’ to show off their cheaply or otherwise incorrectly done interiors. (Original interior cars’ are another topic. I shot my mouth off on that before — and won’t again.) Very few interior pictures shared....
  12. Not being an expert my first instinct said, “Art Deco — that is the style, yes.” But a Google image search (I’ll let you guys run your own) turned up exactly O N E other actual photo of the interior of a 1938 LaSalle convertible coupe. There were minor differences amounting to the placement of one seam line on the door panel that does not match the one in this. So that is a good question. Would anyone who actually owns one care to educate us? - And THAT is a pet peeve of mine: Come on guys, pictures pictures pictures we love pictures. Tons of pictures of our cars a
  13. 1918 E series Buick: 12 months⬇️ (This at a time -that I’m convinced, though I’ve never seen proof of in period writing- that the guys who engineered it never expected the car to ever see as many as 20,000 miles.) It must have been amongst the best guarantees in the business. Photo taken from 1918 Four Cylinder Series ‘Reference Book’ - aka ‘Owner’s Manual’.
  14. You’ve told me this 5 or 6 times. LOL Seems like I’d keep that in my head. Yes, the 30x3 1/2 are ‘oversized’ so they are the same exact size. It did throw me to notice finally that Buick had updated the books - at least in that Xerox’ed parts-book repo I have but never really used when I had an original on hand. I knew I was seeing two different numbers but didn’t know where. Gotta get that original book back — it’s with the engine stranded at the rebuild shop.
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