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  1. Studebaker offered Venetian type shades on at least the 1947-1952 Starlight Coupe - I do not recall if they were offered on other Stu models and no longer have my accessories brochure. I have not personally seen a set on a restored car. Oh wait, here ya go⬇️ https://forums.aaca.org/topic/328352-whats-the-history-on-auto-venetian-blinds/
  2. Yes, like Ryan just said, we would really like to see some pictures of your trailer around here.... https://forums.aaca.org/topic/351992-cars-to-hay-wagons-and-other-conversions/page/2/
  3. I’ll be honest - the very first purple lights I ever saw on a hearse were in August 2001 and I thought it was the most tacky and bizarre ‘modern’ thing I ever saw. I can tell you exactly where I was standing too — Stadium Drive, Kalamazoo. It was noon, my lunch hour. Perhaps I only noticed them because they were also the first ‘strobe’ lights I ever saw on a hearse. I never would have guessed they were ever used before. Then again I’ve never made a habit of cruising funerals and they are exactly the last thing I want anything to do with. It’s possible they’ve been around and I j
  4. I was talked into sending my engine elsewhere (14 months ago - where it still sits) but this place came up on my radar after finding a broken cotter pin in my oil pan⬇️ http://www.babbitt-bearings.com/previouswork.aspx Looks like he’s done at least one other Lincoln V-8. https://www.hemmings.com/stories/article/shawn-aldrich
  5. Pawnee Beige? Garnet Red? I honestly don’t know, I don’t have eyes for this stuff. All I know is none of the ‘reds’ from the 1950’s 60’s 70’s and most of the 80’s in my family photo albums didn’t survive. None of it. At all.
  6. Yeah, it’s spelled correctly all right. May not be a valid word for Scrabble - but it’s spelled right.
  7. Here ya go⬇️ But not red? Yes, 4 of the 1st 10 that come up in a Google Image Search. (Yeah I see your point. But I’d also suggest the car in your 1950’s picture was in fact a bright red but the photo itself has fantastically faded and degraded - though red is always a difficult color to photograph. Especially in different light. I won’t bore anyone with the story of the Cutlass coupe my grandfather owned for less that 24 hours because it turned out to be a different shade of red than the maroon he thought it was under the dealer’s fluorescent lights one dark Michigan evening.
  8. I had a lot to say about clients not understanding billing in relation to labor hours spent vs ‘cheaper’ competitors but I see nothing wrong with the title of the thread. (I mean it ‘found’ the guy did it not?) A nickname within the context it was used over the course of a guys career.... and lord knows when people spend money they like to b*tch anyway. Human nature, says nothing about the guy or his work. But to ease the tension *and I’ll edit this out later*, I’ve always been famous for giving out nicknames that STICK. I’d probably get fired if the right person knew I came u
  9. Yep, and the peak of a career like that (and he’s already probably reached it) is when he can start refusing jobs that aren’t interesting to him or that are to the client’s own poor taste. Money however will never be a part of it — he could go out and drive a tour bus and make more. (Sorry for hijacking the thread, but if it induces just ONE person to be a little more polite when writing the check for the work they asked to be done I consider it a worthy deed. He certainly didn’t put ‘thief’ after his name.)
  10. I never heard of the man in my life, but having spent most of it in a family business doing bid work I can guarantee you he was working for less for most, if not all, of his career. Probably wasn’t even minimum wage for the first 30 years....
  11. Now that would bother me and reminds me of the very last Greenfield Old Car Festival my uncle ever attended. He had just finished restoring a large brass Landaulet limousine and drove it all the way to the show from Portland OR (a 2,400mi trip by highway- which he certainly didn’t take). Part of whatever award it won it was to be the ‘poster car’ for the next year’s festival. I happened to be visiting the day the poster arrived in the mail and in all my life I’ve never seen anyone quite so hurt. The photograph the organizers chose was of a young model exiting the rear of the car in a MODE
  12. If it weren’t for you people who are either self aware or just plain honest with yourselves I’d never know what it was I was thinking.... I dropped Hemmings about 20 years ago for exactly that reason. Though I never sat down an thought about why it was growing gradually more uninteresting. I appreciate all nicely kept cars but am only attracted to cars that have the radiator above or behind the front axle (where it belongs) which doesn’t start in American cars until brass and ends abruptly around 1933/34 for most makes with few exceptions. Once in a while I’ll do a filt
  13. I forgot all about “Car Spotter”. Hrmm, I never saw a problem with that then and it was my favorite section of the magazine (though I thought it was in ‘Cars & Parts’). Then again, I never saw my (or any) car published there misidentified. Yeah, 42” tires, not wheels - typo. Since you mentioned it I won’t go back and edit that out. Although my memory might not even be right on that, it could’ve been 42 1/2”. I don’t know, I didn’t take a picture..... (Oh I wanted to.)
  14. You’re right about the cameras in public being everywhere now. No doubt about it. I’ve yet to see a picture of a car published or posted online that was captured on a government or private security camera or anyone’s ‘ring doorbell’ that wasn’t involved in a crime or international incident. That all comes from the hands of individuals making a choice to make an intentional act with their smartphones.
  15. A couple of years ago I found myself in over my head with a car and had to ask for help. A gentleman well known for his expertise on a certain early make graciously agreed to take it into his shop and look at it. A while later a much more minor problem occurred with a single part and I called and asked him if he knew a specialty shop that could deal with it. He said, “I can probably do that myself though I don’t know when I can get to it — I have a 190X Xmobile in here readying for a tour.” So I bumble into his shop (the dingiest, rattiest looking dump of a place you can imagine - complet
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