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  1. Well, hot rods, ‘restmods’, and all the rest simply are not on topic here on this forum. Period. But that wasn’t the real concern of those stomping on the seller. That was just classic bullying which has only one purpose — to establish some perception of ‘status’. Complete with the piling on of bystanders, most of whom would never bully on their own. Again, only for the perception of status. This is proven by the fact that not one of the participants flagged the off-topic post for the moderators (and we know that because it’s still here).
  2. Ok, I have to ask - why 1929? A lot of makes are nearly indistinguishable 1928/29. 1928/29 Cadillac’s have always been my favorite, but I’d almost have to go with a ‘29 because my Buick is my first experience with straight-cut gears and I fear I’ll destroy them before truly figuring it out.
  3. This might be the best of its type that I’ve seen. Yup, that 16:30 mark - that’s actually an ‘improved road’ and if anybody would like to see why their pre-war car is geared the way it is.... Also the reason horses didn’t really disappear from the roads until after WWII. I’ll resist telling the story about my grandfather screaming, “I want Willy!” (the family mule) from the backseat. Delightful film.
  4. You kind of said it all Dave. https://duluth.craigslist.org/cto/d/duluth-31-buick-special-sports-coup/7188193116.html But generally, what was true nearly 90 years ago is still true today — you’d have to spend a whole lot more money to buy a better car than these Buick’s. In most cases that would be only a marginally better car. There’s a reason Buick has the dedicated following it does in the pre-war world.
  5. Well this is embarrassing - I apparently can’t read because it says right on top of Mecum’s page that the auction was held October 2018. I thought it was current and hadn’t taken place yet. I edited my earlier post. It would be helpful to know what this one went for.
  6. A different car was sold by Mecum in 2018⬇️ https://www.mecum.com/lots/CH1018-334032/1937-buick-century/ Same color in different light? (I really don’t know. Don’t have the best eyes in the world and am fussy with colors. That’s why every car I’ve bought in the past 20 years has been black — so I don’t have to fuss with decision.) Still working on digging up that ‘47 ad. Value or value range? I have no clue. Reading Hemmings each month for 40 years has only told me what people ask. No idea what they get and the length of time they run those expensive ads only giv
  7. I need a barn - that’s all I’ve got to say. (And that color actually appeals to me on this particular car. I don’t go to shows because I hate snakes so if it’s not a factory color that doesn’t bother me one bit. Am curious to see what it looks like under natural light and not under shop light. I’m guessing the green doesn’t have quite the ‘bite’. It shows off the curves of the car well as a pale yellow could but I couldn’t live with a pale yellow on a sedan. I also think MCHinson is right, this color may have come from a brochure or an illustrated 1937 advertisement because
  8. I have a 1918 Buick and before reading any of the comments on this picture I zeroed in on that line running across the top of the body and thought it eliminated Buick because it seemed to vary in width - which I presumed was caused by shadows meaning it was probably a ridge or body molding which 1917/1918 Buick’s did not have. After reading the comments (boy you guys are good) I took another look and thought that line could be a paint stripe. THEN I zeroed in on the visible steering column and thought, “Well that’s nickel plated - that eliminates Buick.” Well, that plated column must
  9. Yep. Shortly after he retired from Fisher Body about that time I remember my grandfather stopping at a railroad track on the way to church. Open freight cars loaded with steel body stampings were on their way to Fisher in Lansing and he pointed at them and said, with tears just about in his eyes, “Look at all the flash-rust on those body panels - they’re just going to paint right over that. That’s the way they’re doing it now.”
  10. Hrmm, interesting question. My eyes have always preferred cars with the radiator above or behind the front axle (where it belongs), but I questioned my sanity a few years ago when I happened upon a photo of a 1973 Olds 98 like the one my mother had when I was a kid and shuddered when I thought it was kinda pretty. I recall being taken to the Henry Ford for the first time - spent the whole day drooling over all those old cars (my grandmother still claims it was a problem extracting me - I don’t remember that) and then I remember vividly returning to that 98 in the parking lot
  11. thehandleman: You are absolutely correct, this Plymouth will make one super driver. I can understand the confusion, but no, at no point was it said that the overdrive was original. It had already been said that it was added and was later clarified that the freewheeling was original. You also managed to answer a lifelong question I’ve had: What makes bullies tick? From your own words, it’s just an obsession with ‘status’ — real or imagined. That would also explain the bizarre phenomenon of bystanders (most of whom would never bully on their own) joining in and piling on. Again, it’
  12. Yeah, you should see the other car(s). See it happen here⬇️ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtlG9TIHeqs I think it happened after the 28 minute 39 second mark but am not sure — it was kind of a blur.
  13. Yeah he said it was added before you went off on your one-man argument (which was and still is a common and sought after addition to make these cars more drivable), never claimed it was ready to be a ‘Senior winner’, you’re not interested in it — so what is your beef? These comments are typical on a showfield (whispered behind the owner’s back of course) I suggest you keep them there and off the For Sale ads. This Plymouth and the Lincoln would both have a place in my barn — if I had a barn. Sadly, I do not. The cars are priced right.
  14. I’m glad you mentioned that, the Chicago and OH parts are scary. I’m barely farther north than that and store a car in an aluminum trailer for extended periods in winter and again in spring when it’s too troublesome to jockey a tractor out of the garage around it. I might need to re-evaluate the situation. Thanks! (Have another question re. humidity changes and wood frames but will PM that so as to not hijack the thread.)
  15. Oh god, what State was this in? (Tell me it was Florida or some humid southern State)
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