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  1. Now posted on Ebay. Rebuilt engine with one transmission $1650.00 starting price. I can deliver to Hershey on 10-11-18. Thanks
  2. I have 1929 Chrysler 65 rebuilt engine for sale. I purchased a lot of 1929 Chrysler parts and would like to sell some of them. At this time I would like to sell 2 engines and 3 transmissions. I would prefer to sell them as one lot. All these parts along with many others came from a gentleman that had collected and restored parts for a project that he couldn't finish. The first engine (P232883 40629 it is a silver dome) had been to a machine shop and was bored, crank turned and rebalanced, rods re-babbitted, valve seats reground, new main bearings, and valves reground. When I bought it th
  3. If my question is in the wrong forum i apologize. I purchased a lot of 29 chrysler parts from a lengthy restoration project that was never completed. I have 29 model 75 engine that had all the machine work completed including boring .030 over. Crank turned and rebalanced , New babbit on all the main bearings, rods reconditioned and new babbit machined, New .030 pistols and rings, valve seats reground. Appears to have a new timing chain as well. I completed the rebuild with a new head gasket and replaced any of the questionable head studs. Used new ARP stud nuts because I didn't have enou
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