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  1. Now posted on Ebay. Rebuilt engine with one transmission $1650.00 starting price. I can deliver to Hershey on 10-11-18. Thanks
  2. I have 1929 Chrysler 65 rebuilt engine for sale. I purchased a lot of 1929 Chrysler parts and would like to sell some of them. At this time I would like to sell 2 engines and 3 transmissions. I would prefer to sell them as one lot. All these parts along with many others came from a gentleman that had collected and restored parts for a project that he couldn't finish. The first engine (P232883 40629 it is a silver dome) had been to a machine shop and was bored, crank turned and rebalanced, rods re-babbitted, valve seats reground, new main bearings, and valves reground. When I bought it the new oversized pistons and rings where assembled and in bags. I pulled the cover off and believe the timing chain to be new as well. Cylinder bores were lightly re-honed and valves lapped. New head gasket with mostly new head studs were used. Head stud nuts were replaced with ARP nuts. The engine had been cleaned and it was spotless inside when I started on it. I went through and cleaned the oil pump, distributor, starter, water pump, etc. Installed new plugs and wires. I cleaned the stromberg u-2 carburetor (did not rebuild) and installed it. I rigged a radiator and fuel tank to it and it started with 35 lbs. or so of oil pressure. The carb needs to be replaced as it has micro cracks in the lower end and it weeps fuel. Although I don't have the correct width fan belt on it, I have ran it quite a bit. It runs well even with the old carb that is less than perfect. I will try and attach some pics and will send more of assembly in progress upon request. The second engine is apart. The head is off and turns freely with no ridge on the cylinder walls. It is dirty and greasy but honestly believe it too could be reassembled to make a running engine. It is not complete. but seems to be a good starting point to build a second engine. One on the 3 transmissions has been cleaned up and painted at some point in the past. I'm assuming this was the tranny the guy had planned on using. One of his donor cars was a 75, so one of the trannies maybe a 75. I will leave the engine set-up so that it can be demonstrated to a potential buyer for a few weeks. I have no intentions of offering shipping at this time and if I do it will be for the rebuilt engine alone and that will only be if there is no local interest. I 'm not sure what the cost of parts and machine shop bill would be but fairly certain it would be considerably more than my asking price. Price $2350.00 Rob 570-335-1912 call or text or esox11111@gmail.com I don't check this every day. I have lots of other parts that will be selling in the future. Some are NOS and some restored and others as found. thanks Rob
  3. If my question is in the wrong forum i apologize. I purchased a lot of 29 chrysler parts from a lengthy restoration project that was never completed. I have 29 model 75 engine that had all the machine work completed including boring .030 over. Crank turned and rebalanced , New babbit on all the main bearings, rods reconditioned and new babbit machined, New .030 pistols and rings, valve seats reground. Appears to have a new timing chain as well. I completed the rebuild with a new head gasket and replaced any of the questionable head studs. Used new ARP stud nuts because I didn't have enough of the original. Valves had been ground so all I needed to do was lap them. Went through the distributor and oil pump starter and generator which all cleaned up and function well. The water pump was from model 65 engine and works well and doesn't leak. The engine is painted a color that is close to original. New plugs and wires. The Stromberg model u-2 carb could use a rebuild. It starts and runs strong with nearly 40 pounds of oil pressure when cold. I ran it for 1/2 hour today but will need to work on the carb because it needs partial choke to idle smoothly. Planning on posting a youtube video at some point. My question is what is a reasonable value for this engine? Not looking to gouge anyone but don't want to give it away either. I built Chrysler spitfire 265 earlier this year and had almost $2000.00. Into it. Assuming with all the machine and babbit work it would cost at least that amount for this engine. I have a ton of 29 chrysler stuff that I will probably sell as well. Thanks Rob
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