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  1. Thank you all for your replies as it’s been very helpful! Maybe I’ll post a couple photos tomorrow.
  2. How do I reply to individuals as I’m new to this. Sorry to ask this,
  3. I sure wish I was closer,,,,I’d love to get it done but I didn’t know I could use a converter just for the AC. Thanks
  4. Does Anyone know how difficult it is to convert the 6 V to a 12 V system.
  5. Wow. I remember all these with the older VWs but didn’t know they were available for these. How do they work?
  6. I have a 1951 Packard 300 that is all original and it’s in pretty good shape. Just it’s original oldness and patina which I love. I acquired the car so my entire family could enjoy it and participate in our local car club events and tours. Heck I even traded a 56 Porsche replica. What I realized afterwards was that it’s a 6 volt system and not 12. I really don’t care because my 12 yr old loves it as well as I do. I wanted to add an AC unit as well but can’t find anything that will work with 6 volt system. Don’t take offense at me wanting to add an AC as it’s gets hot here in FL and it would definitely keep my wife happy! With all that said. Does anyone have any guidance or productive advice for doing such a thing. We all love the car and hope to enjoy it even more. Note: I still have a gas tank issue that I’ll get into later. Thanks!