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  1. Joining is in the works. Since the starter is Autolite, I felt there would be more response by including Ford, etc. than just the Star Durant folks. The Durant side is pretty sparse for any postings on forums. However, I'm sure I will be picking their brains in the near future.
  2. I just acquired a "new" project, and am in the process of going through everything. 1927 Star Durant M Roadster, with 4 cyl. Continental. My question is with starter Bendix. It seems my gear that engages on the flywheel stays engaged. I haven't started it, but tried cranking to see if working. Everything cranks, but gear stays. The spring seems intact, so what am I missing? Does the gear disengage due to centrifugal force at higher rpms? It seems the gear should retract on spiral shaft away from flywheel. Any comments greatly appreciated. I thought the old girl would be simple and fu
  3. Nothing in the usual Pontiac suppliers catalogs. Jon, I'll give you a call sometime about the rebuild. The Rochester is original to the car, as they installed 500 in the end of 58. (According to Pontiac Service Bulletin). Are these subject to warpage/distortion as some of the latter Rochesters?
  4. Thanks Jon, I was actually able to drill out the top piece of tubing, but am still working on the internal one. I assume that the steel plug comes out to assist with the install of said tube? Sooo, since I see you do carb. work, how about the original Rochester 4 bbl. for rebuild? I know the tripower is sexier, but it came with the 4 and I'd like to save it. Thanks, Brian
  5. Does anyone know the purpose of the small tube from the center of intake on a 4bbl. I believe it came off the carb, but the tube was twisted/gone. It routes through the inside of the intake through another tube with a twisted flat metal piece inside. A thermocouple of sorts? And finally, I'll assume these parts are unobtainable, so what to do with the hole(s)?
  6. I looked at my 39 cv't today. The number is on a tag (aluminum/galv.) riveted to the frame crossmember, directly below and a little in front of the generator. The rivets are rather substantial. Tag is maybe 3" long. Should be something like P6EBXXXXX. Mine is a 6 cyl. thus P6. My title has the number also, so maybe you could get reproduced from that?
  7. According to Master catalog, 1939-40 serial numbers are on the front frame crossmember just below the generator.
  8. Pair of fenderskirts with trim. Thinking $350 but make offer. Going to Hershey to shop, but could bring along if someone wants to see them.
  9. Thanks for the quick info. My son and I had a 'bet' as to how long it would take to identify. He lost.
  10. It makes sense now. I bought at an auction that had some Pontiacs and Lincolns and a Bantam, and in some of his paperwork there was a Tbird reference. Guess I can sell them now.
  11. Does anyone have an idea what these might fit? Approx. 9" by 28". Chrome along leading edges.
  12. Maybe pump for airbrakes on early trucks? I saw similar on auction for 30's/40's truck.
  13. Thanks Gary. I think I have called and they only go to 1959. I'll check again.
  14. No other brand sheet metal fits, although Chevy front fenders are close. Chevy floor pans are shallower and have the stiffening ribs at an angle. I have replacement ones from Chevy advertiser. I can't tell which is left, right or upside down--basically, they don't fit. I have been casually looking for two years, and haven't found anything yet, hence the post. But, thanks for suggestions.
  15. Not to sound ungrateful, but where/how do I find Steve Barrack? I did a search and he does not show up in AZ.
  16. Thanks Charlie. Bringing a 39 Pontiac cvt., black.
  17. Not so fond memories of a padded dash for 58 Bonneville. "Last one in the country" $1000. UPS delivered in box with no padding, a little bubble wrap on corners, and about 10 footprints all over box. Seller said no refunds, but if I show pictures of dash cut up, he would file for insurance. There's a conundrum for ya.
  18. I posted in Pontiac section, but thought I'd throw this out to all. I'm needing floor pans, rear wheel arch, maybe trunk sheet metal. I'm not willing to use Chevy 'almost fits'. I'd rather try and make my own. I know these are tough, as I have already bought two donor cars, with the same problems. I also need an extra gas tank. Maybe someone knows of a junkyard? Thanks.
  19. I am almost ready to start this falls project, right after Hershey. I need floor pans, rear wheel well and maybe some trunk sheet metal. I am not willing to put the 'almost fits' Chevy repop pans in, so am needing a donor, or someone to make very good imitations. I have almost decided to go ahead and try to make them, but thought I would advertise for awhile. Also, a spare gas tank would be a good find, since only one of my three cars has a decent one.
  20. Scott, Convertible top well covers. Not sure if they had them. I don't have any on my 58 Bonneville (doesn't mean they weren't supposed to be there). I can't check on my 48 as its far away. My 66 GTO has them, but they are very short 3"x5" and attach to the front inside of the side cover. The full length ones I think started in 68, like you have. A quick look in my parts catalog for 1950's didn't show anything for a cover. Hope this helps. Brian
  21. Thanks. I'm getting a "feel" for everything. I understand the trailer parking is off Boathouse road, and the RV is different, as described above? I'm trying to decide if the show car should be kept with RV for normal sightseeing until the show on Sat. or risk the buses. Or, is there room for a 'tow' vehicle and RV? Any thoughts? Thanks.
  22. That's fine, except I'm not a vendor, I'm showing a car, towed with a RV. Being new to this trip, I was trying to get an idea of where things are located, how far to walk, what accommodations are available, etc. Do I have to park far from registration, is the Hershey Campground close, what are the fees, etc. Honestly, my first impression is that everyone else assumes you should know by reading a vague brochure, with no reference to a map, where to go and how to get there. I'm sure after being there for a day it will all seem easy--or not.
  23. Called nat'l headquarters and seemed to have got all info. Just wasn't sure about RV accommodations on site. Thanks.
  24. First trip with car to show. I am confused about on field facilities. Are there spaces available for tow/RV vehicles. Do I drop trailer in one place and then have to find a campground? Brochure says this is controlled by Hershey Recreation. Do I have to contact them before, or is it done at arrival? Just wondering.
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