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  1. Shes hot a rare 1st gen 2 door ford country squire also...she wont let me sell it tho hahaha even tho i had a guy over with 12,000 cash in hand ready to buy lol smh...shed rather let it rot in her yard smh
  2. Raydurr will do!...its located a mile down the road on my landlords property so when i head over there for dinner in a couple hours ill take the pics
  3. So but other than trying to find out as much as i can about this thing im also trying to find someone who'd like to buy it for whatever they deem a fair price...theres gotta be somebody out there who needs parts off it or is interested in restoring it...its just sitting along with some old frames and a chevy truck cab n its all just going to waste sitting here...would so much rather have somebody who needs/appreciates this stuff own it...ive looked n looked online for a site to get rid of it but no luck...craigslist has gotten me nowhere lol
  4. Ok i wiil...and i still gotta post pic of under valve cover as somebody suggested...i looked for the numbers on the block yesterday couldn't find em...gonna go back to it this evening with some sort of spray to try n clean the block a little to expose the numbers...sad news is i looked the hole thing over pretty good and noticed that the carb and a few other parts are badly cracked
  5. Ok cool...small problem...im pretty sure its sitting on a home made stand/bracket thing looks as tho they mounted it on said frame thing n used the rotation from transmission as like a farm implement of some sorts
  6. Ive got pictures of all kinds of numbers on the thing Don't remember which ones were where though
  7. Sweet i feel smarter now lol...this thing isnt started via cranking it manually is it?
  8. Sweet been reading a bunch of stuff on your site and i think im starting to get the gist of things...ive never used a fourm before lol
  9. Jan arnett im new to this site the buick fourm you mentioned is it on this site
  10. Was told its from a 1929 buick but how can i be sure...and this thing was running just a few years ago...was thinking about trying to bring her back to life hahaha
  11. Ok cool...do you know how i would go about determining what year this thing is? And yep im in the high desert in southern California
  12. Hello I have what I believe to be a 1929 buick engine/transmission...its for sale tho i dont know if its worth anything in its current condition...any info on what ive got here would be much appreciated
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