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  1. Hi everyone, I registered here just for this thread, as I have been doing some sleuthing on cars I have experienced...and this one in particular. In 1998 I was a 16 year old garage helper for Mr. Bloor Redding of Indianapolis, IN. He was a good friend of Mrs. Klein's through years of membership in RROC. The day after I got my driver's license (mid-October 1998), he, his wife Molly, and I set out to Lancaster, PA in his 1988 Bentley Continental to take a look at (I think) a Silver Ghost in Mrs. Klein's collection in which he had particular interest. In the below photo which I just hastily dug out of a box (apologies, I had a crappy panoramic disposable camera at the time), you will see the car Mrs. Klein is driving in the post above from nzcarnerd on the right. The car second from the left is a blower Bentley, of course. Not sure if this is the car in question: henryd, I was very sad to hear of the passing of your aunt 11 years ago. She was an unbelievable host to me, a complete stranger but fellow car lover. It seemed like every week Bloor would tell me about some past event or recent communication involving Ann, so by this point I was in awe of her, your family history, and her collection. She took us to dinner in her little gray yellow-headlighted Peugeot, still able to manually shift 16 years after being diagnosed with ALS. It wasn't until years later that I realized what it really meant to let a dumb barely licensed kid simply sit in the driver's seat of that rarest of Bentleys and let the clutch out and coast for 100 ft in that car. If memory serves, that Ford on the left was your uncle's...I seem to recall how he had preferred a spartan all-black car. I also got to attempt, and fail, to drive her Model A. I think she got a kick out of seeing me wide-eyed and shaking with fear. Boy do I wish the kid that took this picture had the foresight to take more! I encourage anyone to contact me at danristine@gmail.com...This is fantastically intriguing to me still at age 36! Cheers all!
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