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  1. I had a hard time adjusting the carb it took a few days to get it dialed in. I’m not a small engine expert. But basically turned all adjustment screws in all the was and turned them out two turns for a basic start. The small 1/4 turn adjustments one at a time till I was happy with it. I think that would probably work for all small engines
  2. Yes we are having a good time with it. I fixed the clutch problem , i removed the clutch, took it apart and cleaned it very well. I cut a small piece of the spring so I could shorten it so the clutch would not engage so easily,I also sanded everything inside the clutch with fine sandpaper . When I reassembled the clutch I lubed the shaft just a little. That did the trick ? Now we are cruzing around with it have a grand old time, practically everyone is stopping and taking pictures of it everywhere we go.
  3. Thank you for your reply. today I cleaned out the carburetor and started tuning it . Not sure yet I’ll have to confirm tomorrow but when I’m putting it in gear I’m getting some grinding, and my idle is purity low. i have the original owner manual and it says there should be a automatic clutch. i was wondering if anyone had a picture of the automatic clutch so I can confirm I have one. it seems like it’s always in gaged. i have included a picture of my setup
  4. Hello I’m new to the club and I’m planning on restoring this merry olds with my boy (father and son project) I’d Like as little help identifying this 1901 merry olds replica, it has the Clinton engine I believe. Just picked it up so don’t know too much about it. Im not sure about scale size , I guess there were a few different manufacturers that built these. p.s. I need a canvas top for it anyone know where I can find one?
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