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  1. Wow , great stable you have there , very jealous , I only have room for 1 toy .
  2. Go armed with a sharpie fella , his signature on the inside of the glove box or roof lining would be nice plus .
  3. hi Mike . i'll buy into that , its better then anything I've got fella . big bags of cash do get results every time ,. I've still got the original wheels and white walls off it in my shed , your welcome to pop round and pick them up
  4. hiya its fun listening to Conway whilst driving his car . I guess you do the same with Junior Brown .
  5. Hiya ... thanks for the interest guys . Bragging rights are great buy them self but even if the Riv was only ever owned by a Satanist who used it on Sunday mornings to squash kittens I wouldn't love it any less . I'm a 44 yr old English guy so I hadn't even heard of Conway until FAMILY GUY started using cut aways of him singing in their show , I liked his voice and bought some of his music , then a few years later I spotted the Riv on ebay ( that was the old listing MIKEJS spotted , ) and I would have been just as fast to slam the cash down if Conway hadn't owned it , its just a bonus . the pics below are the original Bonhams catalogue , the page and right up of the Riv saying it was own by Conway and finally a copy of the Title with his name and address as Music village blvd , Hendersonville , TN . its not easy to read but the site wouldn't allow a bigger pic , too many bites of some waffle ... I have a thick folder of other bumf that came with the Riv , there is no official appraisal but the title and Bonhams writing it up as Conways is plenty for me , they will I'm sure have done their due diligence before handling it . I still don't know why it had a Wisconsin vanity plate on it , can any body out there put an answer to this please . on a different note .. i'm in Florida in early February for 2 weeks , are there any shows on , bikes cars truck ect ect . Thanks Paul .
  6. hiya . thanks for the input , I do actually have a copy of that book , the author is a very well known motoring journalist over here . but your right about it saying its a 64 , he had an ooops moment on that one . the guy I bought the car from told me about the book and about a classic car mag the Riv was in so I got both of them on ebay . thanks paul h .
  7. hiya thanks for that Dwane Allen lead , I will follow up on that . forgive my lack of knowledge on the geography of your country , I have only been to Florida a few times and Canada , so there is a rather large bit between the two I haven't seen YET , so I might be saying something stupid here . the vanity plate is for JAN WISCONSIN . maybe he kept more then one property . maybe had a ranch or something too . i'll do my home work later and familiarize myself with the 2 locations on google maps . thank for replying , appreciate it .
  8. Hiya from England.. I mostly just wanted to show off my 63 riv to you guys ,,,, but loosely hidden under the disguise of asking a few questions about it . this 63 was bought new buy Conway and as far as I can find out was in his car collection until he died but was also his main run about . It still has his Vanity plates ( TWITTY ) fitted behind its British plates . Bit of a long shot but Does anyone out there have any info on the car . And maybe even a picture of the legend himself with the car , what would be to me the Holy Grail , I have heavily search the internet to no avail and messaged the Conway Twitty fan club but they couldn't help . Its featured in a motoring magazine and a book over this side of the pond but any other little tit bits of info would be greatly appreciated . thanks Paul H .