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  1. Wondering if there's been any reports of selling fraud via this website. After posting this ad, I got a call from a guy in Vegas that claims to have bumpers for my car - can't send pics, isn't a member (says he got a call from a friend that's a member). Before I send small boatloads of cash to someone I've never met, I'd like some reassurance that it's a legit deal! Just curious if anyone's had any experience with this before. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the info. Great to know there's a vintage Buick parts source that's close by. I'll post a pic of my car shortly.
  3. Thanks - I've been watching that auction, but he doesn't have brackets. I might buy it though and worry about brackets later!
  4. Looking for a '39 right side grill. I believe I have the early style with 41? bars. Thanks 218-387-4955
  5. Looking for a '39 front bumper, any condition, preferably not bent up too bad, with brackets. 218-387-4955