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  1. This is a follow up to last year's post requesting valuation info on my (deceased) father's 1913 Abbott Detroit Roadster (previously referred to as a Speedster. It is a Roadster as declared in the Nebraska title). I have finally figured out how to post pictures to this forum (thanks for your requests and patience.) This car became my father's in the 40's and he lovingly restored it over several decades. It's been in our family nearly 80 years. This car was actively used during my father's club days and forefronted many parades, as recently as two years ago. It has been stored carefully over the years and is in remarkably good condition. Can attach more pictures in another message, space here is limited to these photos. Thank you for any input offered! Acetylene tank for headlights ... the quality/craftsmanship of the brass controls is remarkable. Their operation is flawless. Right-hand drive ... leather tufted cushions in excellent shape (hand-sewn by my mother). Continental engine with name plate showing 4-digit VIN matching title. Its hard to believe these wooden wheels are over 100 years old ... Gas tank and leather trunk.
  2. 1913 Abbott Detroit Speedster, restored by my father; in our family over 60 years. Need advice on how to value this car and sell it. Any suggestions appreciated. Thank you ~ Deborah Leas
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