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  1. We are working on restoring the steering wheel. The first task was to remove it from the steering column after 90 years which required cracking the nut and a custom puller. If anyone is interested, the puller picture is shown above. Since the wood parts are long gone, we are going to build our own which must be assembled to the spokes.
  2. The rear set of shackles on the front springs are actually rear shackles. while these look okay, we will want to put the actual ones since the bolt sizes are different and two jam nuts will be needed. If you look back through the pictures, you will observe we had the back plate in a frame to remove a one inch bend.
  3. Hi All, My father didn't live long enough to complete his 1930 Buick Model 47. The car is all apart and I decided in October of 2020 to move forward with the brakes and steering. He had completed the frame, leaf springs, and axles. I believe the motor was restored years ago. I do have a few pdf files scanned from microfilm given to my father by GM years ago covering Buicks from 1929-1932 which I will share. Any one have any information on parts or any details on this car I am interested. We will need a carburetor down the road. .
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