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    Milburn Serial Number 1923?

    Hi Dave I have a Milburn with a chassis number 9857 found in large numbers in white chalk on the black boards below the rear window and that the drivers seat back is fastened to. Stamped in the wood crossbar on the rear “trunk” lid is a 3 digit number 749, it probably is intended to be 9749 based on its probable year of construction. This number is a little unusual since it is only 3 digits and because it doesn’t exactly agree with the chalked in number. The chassis number is 216667 which is found on a brass tag fastened on the wooden frame cross member where the rear trunk lid meets the frame and to which the lid is latched. The number matches the number stamped on the passenger side frame horn knuckle where it meets and bolts to the eye of the front spring Mr Myles Twete estimates the year of construction of the Milburn to be 1919 based on these numbers . On another matter, when I took the drive train apart for inspection I found the drive “shaft” inside the 14” tube joining the motor to the differential to be a piece of flat iron about 3/8” thick and 1 1/4” wide by about 14”. This appears to be a repair. I wonder what the original drive shaft looked like from the factory? thank you Dwight 250-308-2516
  2. Hello Marty im sure these are sold but just in case, I’ll ask sincerely Dwight