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    Louis Chevrolet, and his younger siblings Arthur & Gaston Chevrolet. Especially interested in early automobile racing, and the Frontenac racing team.

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  1. Hi-Octane

    What did you buy at Hershey this year?

    I picked up a copy of Wilbur Shaw's book "Gentleman, Start your engines". 1st edition with the dust cover ……..$5.00
  2. Hi-Octane


    It is that time of year again.
  3. I have read that Ford spent a lot of coin on market research, focus groups, surveys, and so forth when developing the Edsel. Today it is a classic business case study. I have a neighbor behind my house that has 3 Edsels. He is a great guy, and has had the cars forever.
  4. Hi-Octane

    WNTD: 1931-33 Canadian Frontenac De Vaux cars,engine.Leads?

    The picture of Van Ranst & Chevrolet was taken in the fall of 1921. The engine was a prototype to be used in Louis Chevrolet's forthcoming Frontenac touring car. The engine was shown at the 1922 New York Automobile Show, and there are photos of it in the lobby of the Commodore Hotel (now Grand Hyatt) in NYC. Articles about the engine were published in Motor Age, and Automotive Industries. Louis finished the prototype touring car in mid-1922, and it featured coachwork very similar to an HCS Stutz. Unfortunately for Mr. Chevrolet disaster struck in the summer of 1922, when the principal investor in the project (Allan A, Ryan) was caught in a huge Wall Street scandal. Stock in the Frontenac Company was suspended, and investors were spooked away. The project never got past the prototype phase. The Frontenac Motor Company declared bankruptcy in the spring of 1923. A new Frontenac Motor Company was form by a group of Chicago businessmen in the summer of 1923, and it was incorporated in the state of Delaware. Louis Chevrolet was a participant in this venture, and built a 2nd prototype car in 1924. That car featured the Argyll single sleeve valve straight 8 engine. Coachwork was also similar to an HCS Stutz. The new Frontenac Company was never able to sufficiently raise capital, and the car never went into production. For more information on the Frontenac touring cars check out the website in my signature. Billy
  5. Hi-Octane

    Newby from Louisiana

    Thanks for the warm welcome. I'll definitely mark my calendar for the upcoming event, as it sounds like a lot of fun. Billy
  6. Hi-Octane

    1932 Studebaker Indy car build

    Wonderful thread, and a terrific project. Subscribed!
  7. Hi-Octane

    Ray Evernham's new TV Show

    Evernham had an episode a while back that included an interview with Dick Wallen. I thought that was pretty cool.
  8. Hi-Octane


    I am looking forward to the fall weather!
  9. Hi-Octane

    Newby from Louisiana

    Hey Folks, I'm excited about joining the AACA Forum! Lots of great material here, and some very knowledgeable people. I enjoy all types of cars, but have a soft spot for early race cars of the teens & 1920's. Many thanks, Billy Dunbar Jefferson, Luziana