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  1. I do not suggest any travel at this moment, 8 + 8 =16H. with the hotels with almost no service. This suggestion come from a guy that travel every 2 weeks from Pompano FL to Savannah GA for work. Try to call at 561 793 3808 and see if they can pull out what you like, and ship to you, eventually you save the gas and hotel money.
  2. Act fast, will be crash soon! This yellow/ginger/black, T2, 1989 is at U Pull & Pay in West Palm Beach. Good front light, front fascia not bad, original rim with original Michelin tire, very good top, no Teves, motor and transmission in place. VIN ZC2FP1100KB201392
  3. Thanks Hemi, I add the road bearings at the list, and use a stethoscope to listen for noise, as I get old my ear fails, and is not a joke, is tragic. "Me to" I owned a Daytona, but I wasn't too happy with the transmission, one component on the reverse broke twice, was like a brass Y. Yes was a nice car to drive, love the voice that indicate the door open; but in my 50 years of driving (anything) I haven't find any better regular street car to drive that the TC.
  4. See the red spots that indicate the 4 nuts that you must release from the firewall-motor side. As Hemi indicates, takes a lot of care on the black and white vacuum hoses, one if for that AC, the other for the heater. I will like to suggest to replace the vacuum actuators, is easy now, do not rush, go easy, take your time, is a "B".
  5. Raper1, your answer is technically perfect. You get precisely on my concerns. So.... replace what go bad one thing at time, and you point at what is convenient. Also you are "politically correct" on benelth of Chrysler, nothin wrong with that; I am not so polite, as I know the political/industrial/ automotive/ marketing/propaganda/ moment in Italy, but is not the concern of this forum. I am very sorry for your car, if you need one right hand headlight, I can give you one free, the inside reflector is oxidate, but the metal and the glass are intact. About the front nose, my
  6. Ok, you are close, but your picture is more oriented to the evaporator coil for the AC, by the passenger side, not the heater coil. see my picture , is the open box from the top. On the left (driver side) you can see the heater core, on the right the evaporator coil. On my I take the complete "BOX" out, and yes is a pain.
  7. OK, you have a point, My Goals: I will like to drive the car as long as possible. The technology used 31 years ago, is not necessary the best, the original parts are not easy to find, a few years ago, with a quick visit at the junkyard you can have what you need, today try to asks for a Le Baron, or Daytona 1989 and you will have a strange look. So, I believe that some update is necessary. What I don’t like: 1) The radiator. Yes is a special one, but I will like to see a wide one (LeBaron 1989), to old more water, with a different fan, maybe 2 fans. 2) The
  8. Thanks Reaper1, your statements make me comfortable. The Neon's head 16 valves was just a short moment of insanity. Now what I try to learn is about the BOV and the vacuum quick release valve, and I will like your opinion. Someone suggest to remove the BOV from inside the air cleaner, and add a small filter on one side of the BOV, then replace the quick release valve with a combination of check valve and a couple of reduced orifices. The purpose is to make the BOV less prone to leaks, and improve the air in the air cleaner box, next just eliminate the air box and install a KN filter.
  9. I agree, this also is a good option, but I read that the Neon block is very light, and considered as disposal, also I read that the common block is good for 500 HP and very solid. I don't plan for now to make a race car, but is good to be prepared.
  10. Mr. Willhelm, as my 1898 TC SOHC is with a common block, I start to search for more data. Do you have more info on the "conversion" with the Neon twin cam? maybe a web page? or Email? Thanks
  11. Add my, the 201868 that is the donor for the 203680, both 1989 Exotic Red-Ginger-Tan SOHC. Thanks
  12. As on my "new" TC the fuel sending unit is wrong, just for curiosity I removed the part from my spare TC "the flower pot" that anyway wasn't good. This part basically is a rheostat, the resistance is an heavy wire wound almost indestructible, but the wiper is the issue. Instead to run the wiper to the external plug ( receptacle) with a wire, they use the metal case. Well 30 plus years ago, the corn was used for food, not to make a blend of alcohol and water and call ethanol. Well this fantastic blend with gasoline and oxygen that is in the tank when is not full, create rust (on my motorc
  13. Thanks Marty, I will keep you in mind the next time.
  14. Correction on my request, 1989, SOHC...... I start to get hold ....
  15. For a 1998 soc VIN ZC2FP1104KB203680 I need a new or used Fuel Gauge Sending Unit. The previous owner install the wrong unit, that read only when the tank is from 50% to 100% full Any info is welcome.
  16. with the new changes is a step back before make 2 steps forwards. the TC page and related links must be more explicits. Red Alf TCA#4214
  17. I think that I found the solution. From my donor TC I removed the piece between the turbo and the muffler hose, this is the part that hold the waste gate. I will make the post with the pictures when the I complete the job. Anyway for the last 15 years my first TC (the chopped one) is my backyard, used as flower pot and make my dogs happy around the rear tires, and the dam turbo still on what is left from the motor, just because I don't have the torch and I am not a mechanic.
  18. Finally I have replaced all the vacuum hoses, everything seem to work almost normally. So I decided to share what I have done, let me know if someone can have some suggestion. My next work will be by the turbo, removing the internal waste gate that is lock in the open position, when done I will posted.
  19. Yes, the wastgate flapper is stuck. I removed the two screws at the base of the wastegate diaphragm, and as I apply a little air pressure the rod from the actuator move very strong. To reach the point of contact from the rod actuator and the gate on the turbo is a bear, with the fingers I feel the rust. As there is no room for the hammer, I build a fork to reach the "gate" but the tip of the fork breaks. Next I will try to build an extension on an air impact scraper, and see if the vibration can help, plus the PB Blaster, I am not familiar with the Freeze OFF, I will try too. On my firs
  20. Mr. Hemi, I am an old guy too; I drive all my life without the ABS, on snow, ice and rain, just some little pump on the brake, and a safe speed. 15 years ago with my first TC I do the brake conversion, but I removed everything, with your suggestion will be a breeze. Back to the VACUUM / motor surge, the problem is in the turbocharger waste gate flapper, is locked. The waste gate diaphragm that is good, is not able to move the gate. I don't know if there is some magic solution without removing the turbo, do you have any suggestion? Thanks
  21. Thanks, for the confirmation. Now the car just asks for a new gift, the Teves fail, so I will install a LeBaron brake/buster. I don't know if you are familiar with the installation, do I need to remove the rear proportioning valve? from the Mr. Hemi page on the matter seem that I will need only to replace the front hoses and flare the single rear one. I don't like to bother Mr. Hemi as is with the bad virus, I hope that he will be healings soon.
  22. Mr. Reaper1, do you maybe a chance to confirm the J, or better the Y fitting connections? maybe one side to the air box filter, one to the turbo, and one to the speed control. But maybe I am wrong.
  23. Mr. Hemi, I print so many of your replies that my print dried up, and as soon I will found the correct position of each hoses I promise that I will do the layout. Mr. Reaper1, as soon you can verify the hoses in the J, let me know. Yes I believe that from the J, one side goes to the speed control, but from both prints the turbo small fitting goes to the cruise control diaphragm, well, we will see.... for now thanks to everyone.
  24. Just to have more fun, I use to have another TC, and I save a ton of parts, also the plastic plate under the hood with the vacuum diagram, and the connection by the throttle body is different.??????????
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