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  1. I guess i'l wait for the wizard - should I click my boots together or something? Is a their a magic word to make him appear? Kidding. It's been a long day. Thanks for everyones help
  2. I don't under stand what you are saying am I missing something
  3. the requests were made by the estate the records just don't exist according to the dmv or Oregon
  4. I can not find the frame number scrapping dusting etc no luck I do have the block number. I called our local DMV here in Oregon and they don't have registration info dating back to the last time the car was registered. How in the world do I title this thing? Vermont?
  5. Here's a quick question - where is the Fram number located on the 1935 Dodge brothers truck?
  6. It's the obvious that usually escapes me sorry about that. I'm in Oregon. The truck has an Oregon Plate (pictured on the right) the plate pictured on the left is a plate I found in the truck. I have no clue if its the original plate. Heck until a few posts ago I thought my lil 1935 was a 1937. Thank you again.
  7. Thank you for that information - I'm having a challenge I'm not sure how to get it titled? We've looked through years and years of files from my great grandparents and come up with zero information.
  8. So the next question is where would the vin be. It’s not on the door and I don’t see one on the firewall. However I’m accustomed to vin on cars quite a bit younger so I may be misssing it. I appreciate your help identifying the vintage. My great grand father left me this tuck and can’t find the title so I’m trying to figure out how to title it which starts with a VIN. Thanks in advance
  9. First off which is it? 35 or 37? Second where is the VIN number located on this truck. This truck was recently sold as a 37 as well. Any help would be appreciated. thanks
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