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  1. Yes, there is current at wiper fuse with key off, and I can operate the power windows with the ignition key off also. The battery does not go dead, so I suspect the relay that is being energized doesn't use much juice. Other circuits like you said, Joe, are also probably on but I haven't tested for that. What do you think the PO did when they replaced the ignition switch, or maybe that isn't the issue at all? Thanks for any input.
  2. '62 Starfire constant power draw question - draw is in multiple circuits like the pw/ps relay, wipers, etc. These circuits that would normally need the key to be in key-on ign position to right are receiving current with the key off. I do know that the PO replaced the ignition switch, so my question is would anyone know exactly which terminal on switch or what color wire should be without power until key is turned to the ign position? The car runs fine as is and the battery doesn't go dead, but it sure would be nice to not be energizing relays like the pw/ps when battery is connected. Thanks all.
  3. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks much.
  4. Thanks Joe - you are a wealth of information! Had no idea the vent windows came with that option. Learn something everyday. I would imagine more of these cars would be equipped with power vent windows, but that was in '62 dollars. Curious, is there a listing of all available options somewhere for these cars? Again, much appreciated!!
  5. Possibly the answer to the mystery switch/harness connector question - saw the attached pic taken from the internet showing a single switch just ahead of the shifter on a convertible. This is probably the answer. Always thought convertible top switch was on dash above radio. Anyone know what this switch operates?
  6. Unfortunately, I when I bought the car it was already disassembled but if you are referring to where the switch wiring terminates under the console, it looks to be between where the tach is and the shifter.
  7. Does anyone who is familiar with the '62 Starfires know what the 3rd rectangular shaped electrical connector is for that connects the console to main wiring harness under the dash? There are 4 electrical connectors in total, being the 3 large rectangular shaped ones, plus one smaller one. The car is original, not tampered with to my knowledge. It has factory A/C, PW, but no other options like Safety Sentinel, Electronic Eye, Cruise. I think 2 out of the 3 rectangular connectors are for the power windows. The 3rd rectangular connector thats connected to absolutely nothing and just hanging between the console & the dash escapes me. I can't find it anywhere in the service manuals except for a picture of all 4 connectors in '61 Starfire Supplement Manual that details the console, but makes no reference to what the connectors are for or what they control. This elusive 3rd connector has 6 slots in it with only 5 occupied by following colored wires ( red/wht stripe, brown, purple, grey, green), and the last slot is empty. I was thinking maybe for power door locks, but was this available in '62?. I do know that grey is usually for accessory lighting, etc so that rules out pdl. Maybe there's another option that I'm unaware of possibly? I'm really stumped on this! On the other end of this unconnected connector is what appears to be an electrical switch wrapped in black tape beneath the console, and its wrapped around the electrical harness. I'm thinking that it could be that way from the factory, but I don't know that for sure. If anyone knows the answer to this mystery, I'd be very grateful!!