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  1. Guess what I was able to pull the tube, I was able use the slide hammer and grips and this time I back banged the vise grips and it started to move and after maybe 45 min., out it came. not very good but I was able to pull it all. I have gone e bay and ck the price of a new tube for a straight 8 motor --YIP's-- almost $400. Well I'm going to see if I can find a sheet metal shop to fabricate one for me. Unless someone can make ME a deal on a "new one". Looks like I am going have to remove the motor and have it cooked also, I have had the car in storage since 1972. in storage. DANG
  2. I have a 49 NEW YORKER, 8, been in storage since 1972 , I have been trying to pull tube, unable to make it move, run 24" scale down each side and slide hammer to pull with vise grip. I'm finding that I am looking at pulling motor to get at back of block to remove a freeze plug??. I have seen a super type hook that will work, but don't know distance between the slots, any help on that. Any help in Idaho Lewiston area.Thanks for any HELP.
  3. Hi Chrysler owners: I am having a lot problems trying to remove the distribution tube from my 1949 Chrysler New Yorker straight 8 motor. I have by now chewed the end of the tube somewhat. I have used vise grips and slide hammer, used a can of knock it lose, WD 40, 24" scale driven in on each side. I have owed the car from 72 and having it in storage all most that time until now I have all completed the brakes except honing the master cylinder pin. Thnks for any help
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