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  1. Hupp 36 yes it is a straight 6. The front leak isn't bad but the rear is. I drove trucks for the Army so I know the front is more of a keep watch thing but the rear leak has to be addressed.
  2. Here is the update. Your advise about the head gasket is the same as the mechanic I asked (good indicator for trust). He said since I did not see any signs of a leak do not mess with it. I will have the oil pan done. The rear leak is from the differential not the brake drum area. What does concern me is the wobble with the fan blade. A friend said it was a bearing problem. While I know what wheel bearing are I am unfamiliar with this bearing so I do not know if this is a simple fix or a complicated one. My brother said that while it idles fine one of the possible reasons it has no powe
  3. Thanks for the replies. John, I know very little about classic cars. My brother is the mechanic in the family and he is on the other coast so no help there. I know the speed is slower which is fine since I only plan to take it local car shows (no highway). As far as the wood the car was completely restored around 30 years ago and has been inside every since so the "bones" are good. Mr Holmberg, there is a leak from the engine (not sure exactly from where) and the rear end leaks which is why I only drove it a short distant to test the clutch and gears. I am guessing when I think the l
  4. I am purchasing a 1926 Hupmobile. This is my first classic auto. The car starts and there is no rust but need to know how hard is it going to be to have the seals redone (are there parts available). It was last restored about 30 years ago and was not maintained properly. It does have "good bones". I started the car and it idles great but barely drives (test first, second and reverse). Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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