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  1. Beautiful condition ! Yes, that appears to be the correct seat and adjusting mechanism. I have some red and white "warning" stickers that were reproduced from an original. Let me know if you would like to have one.
  2. I can send you the pattern for the oil filter brackets, if that would help. They are not difficult to make from 18 gauge steel.
  3. '29 Buick top irons are not the same as '30 and '31 ----- and in '30 and '31, the convertible coupe and roadster tops are very different. As far as the top bows are concerned, I believe that Rich Kesselring has the patterns. Call him at Oak Bows in Chambersburg, Pa. I don't believe that any other GM car tops are close enough to use on your Buick, but if you can find someone who will let you make patterns from their 90 series roadster you will be ahead of the game.
  4. You have a large series Buick, but the stanchions you show are for the small 50 series ----- they will not be correct for your car. What you have will fit only the Marquette and 50 series Buick.
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