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  1. I'm looking to purchase Antique Autos, Model T's, Maxwell's, built by Arrow Development in 1960's and possibly through the early 80's. Also, looking for Gould cars from the 1960's to their current models. These are all gas powered track cars for amusement parks i.e. Frontier Village, Duster Turnpike, Route 66 track cars, Santa’s Village E Dundee, Illinois antique Maxwell or Cadillac track cars and others. Also, if found somewhere (highly unlikely) Chaparral Antique Cars (1913 Cleburne Chaparral's) i.e Six Flags Over Texas. All these cars are 2 and 4 + seaters. Willing to pay $1000 to $4000+ (cash) per vehicle 1b.jpg.f10993b7ae2521f1506a249601c7955f.jpg which depends on condition however, will take non-working or project cars as well.


    Gould #7 Rear Pass.jpg

    Gould #8 Driver Side.jpg


    Green 1.jpg

  2. 14 hours ago, Damon B. said:

    I’ve got 7 of them.  5 fords and 2 maxwells.  Built in 1968 by Arrow Development.  I’ve been restoring them in my leisure time.  6 of them run.  The 7th one won’t take much to get it running.  2 are red, 2 are yellow, and 3 are white.




    Hi Damon, do you know what park these came out of and how long have you owned them. Also, are the motors on these Kohler?Thank you


  3. Wanted - Arrow Flyers,  Model T Ford and Maxwell (guide track) cars built by Arrow Development





    "Wanted Dead or Alive!"

    WANTED -->  "Arrow Flyers", Model "T" Fords, and Maxwell  (guide track) cars built by Arrow Development

    These were built for amusement parks. Take in most any condition. Will pay up to $4500+- for good working condition model.


    Example park models:




    Model T or Maxwell.jpg

    Model T or Maxwell-3.jpg

    Model T or Maxwell-2.jpg

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