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  1. I have aprox 8;6' from cen of front axle to rear. Lahti35, your 1927 Chevy speedster frame looks identical. I found the electric starter was invented in 1911 but when did it become an industry standard, the front cross member still has an opening for the crank. Stretch, your 1919 Chevy front end also looks identical. Could a frame design be used on different models for consecutive years? After being buried for (I'm guessing) at lest 50 years or so the grease fitting balls still depress and have grease in them.
  2. Looked on frame inside & out, top & bottom and didn't see anything. Pretty rusted though. Also did research on vin #'s of that era, interesting stuff. After spending hours & hours comparing this frame with images on different sites i can tell that the gas tank was most likely strapped under the cross member at the rear and brackets towards the rear on each side were supports for running boards, steering box was mounted inside with linkage passing thru the frame then down to the arm. Here's are a couple more photos maybe someone might recognize front cross member, looks like an engine mount.
  3. Hi folks, found this car frame while out hiking. It was buried along with other items from the early 1900s. From my research the front suspension looks to be pre 1930s but it also seems to be the design of the era from hundreds of car makers many of them "defunked". It now sits as lawn art, any info would be appreciated.
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