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  1. If I start it in gear I can shift it. But if I take it out of gear and let the clutch out that is when it grinds. I will change the oil and see what happens. Thanks for the help.
  2. Now that I have it running the clutch would not work. I tried what I read on the forum to start it with the clutch in and the transmission in gear. I hit the brakes and started to let the clutch out and the wheel started to spin. I pushed the clutch back in and was able to take it out of gear and run it through all three gears whit the clutch still in. I then pushed in the clutch, took it out of gear and let the clutch back out. When I pushed the clutch back in it would grind when I tried to put it back in gear. I did this twice with the same result. Any ideas?
  3. I have a 1927 Buick model 29 and it is missing the wood trim on the dash. Any idea where I can get a replacement?
  4. I have not been able to find what the third lever on the steering wheel is for. Someone said it was a light switch, with what was said above I am guessing that it is?
  5. I believe you are right, I traced the other end of the wire to the headlights. Thanks for the info.
  6. Has anyone seen one of these before? It is on the manifold and has two relays under the box. Two of the wires from the box go down below the vacuum advance linkage. I have not seen one in any of the pictures of other 27 Buicks.
  7. Is the car still available? Does it run? Thanks, Don
  8. It is the original. I looked on Bob's and the filters he has listed does not go back to the 27.
  9. Can someone tell me where I can by the replacement oil filters for my 27 Buick?
  10. Thanks for the replies, I have found one and it is on its way. Don
  11. I am also looking for a 1927 Buick marvel carburetor it is a standard with a bronze bowl.
  12. I just purchased a 1927 Buick Brougham with the serial number of 1830668 and an engine number of 1886650. Does these numbers tell anything about the engine or vehicle? This is my first vintage car and know nothing about locating information. Thanks, Don
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