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  1. I don't have front end parts but have any of the doors extentions and lots of other 47-48 parts as we parted out 3 woodie wagons. I have one half restored car (soon to go on and am not intending to keep any spares....let me know what you need.
  2. Nitrocelulos lacquer is available in spray cans and in quarts in black from Stew Mac. Stewart MacDonald is a large supplier of guitar parts and supplies....they have a website. The lacquer goes on sale every couple months and although somewhat expensive (about $15) it's what you want....super easy to work with and fantastic results. To do your whole car you'll go through a lot of spray cans but you can easily do a fender here and a door there to ease the pain....I'm guessing maybe 30 cans to do the whole car.
  3. I have a 48 station wagon and am sorting parts. My car and two additional "parts cars" were dissassembled and I am only wanting to keep the best parts and not any spares. If you need anything for a 48 buick including any wood pieces, chances are good I will have it. I don't have extra seat frames . Jeff 425 783-9308
  4. I may want them. Jeff 425 783-9308
  5. Jeff Hammers

    1940 parts

    I have a pair of front fenders, a drivers side grill, a hood, two hood sides with hardware, door and window handles, headlight bucket and ring, rear ship emblem and more. Will trade for inside windshield mouldings Jeff 425 783-9308
  6. For sale: $1000 ($1200 including shipping and insurance within the cont. U.S). "Europe Vacation" is an oil painting by Jacques Moiteret c. 1989. Framed by the artist at the time . Well respected artist from western Washington. The image is Sir Malcom Campbell's Bluebird, speed record car, parked in front of the cathedral at Notre Dame in Rhimes, Fr. I clicked on the "notify me" button below but my number is 425 783-9308
  7. This 1940 sedan delivery was originally from Lodi, California and is very solid inside and out. It has had the frame modernized with a nova front clip with power steering and power disc brakes, 9" ford rear end, new parts throughout, including the rear end, springs, shackles, shocks, brakes, master cyl and booster, brake lines, motor and trans mounts, every nut bolt and washer. It has new side windows cut, seats recovered, many spare parts, all of the interior wood floor for reuse or patterns. $6500 cash in Marysville, Washington. Jeff 425 783-9308
  8. A business coupe had no back seat. A club coupe did. A sport (s) coupe had a rumble seat and often side mounts. Doctor's coupe was an early term for a business coupe. Some makers used their own designations such as Studebaker in 42 had a "coupe sedan", some built "close coupled coupes, landau coupes, etc. etc.
  9. There doesn't appear to be much there. I have seen on that was a coupe with a slide out pick up box....may have been a 36
  10. I took these pics today and moved things around to where you can get a good angle of the front wheels in the fender wells. My phone is 425 783-9308 if someone wants the car.
  11. More pics might be available in a few days. I googled "1940 Plymouth with Nova clip" and found a blue two door sedan for sale with the same clip. Looks great and the track is correct. Google track width for a 40 and there are thousands of entries and no measurement that I can find....seems odd that the question of the front track is the only subject of intrest in the thread. That, not being an issue with the actual car....
  12. The Nove clip fits under the front so that the wheels are in the proper, stock position. I think the Nova was used because of the track. As I understand it, the camaro clip was the one to which you refer. My phone number is in the ad if someone wants the car. thanks, Jeff H.
  13. Fabrication professionally doe. Brand new 69-72 Nova, power disc brake front clip and new 9" Ford rr end. Both front and rear are ,with all brand new parts....none taken off from another car. New power steering box and new power brake booster and master fully installed GM steering column, gas and brake pedals, brake lines installed, all brand new Body is excellent and is from Lodi California. Mostly stripped and needing repairs, refinishing. All external panels are rust free and florr is excellent with minor rust. Set up for Chev motor and trans. New springs, ubolts, brakes, shocks, seats, most glass has been cut and is tinted lots of extra parts Jeff Hammers, Marysville, Washington 425 783-9308 asking $6500....clear Washington title.
  14. I had a 49 Packard with 23,000 miles in about 1977. AMC came out with the station wagon version of their Pacer and I went to look at them. I told the salesman that I wanted to trade straight up for a new Pacer wagon and the owner of the dealership told me to take my pick. I didn't want the phony wood sides and most had that, but of all that didn't I could not find a single one that hadn't bee scratched or damaged in delivery. Somebody just didn't care and I kept the Packard. I still do like the Pacer wagon though.