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  1. Do you have the magneto switch in the dash? If it is Bosch, I believe that the magneto is original one. I have Eisemann switch and Eisemann magneto. But to have Eisemann switch and Bosch magneto, then I think that another one is replaced.
  2. Great information! I'm wondering that there is a pretty big gap in engine numbers, although there are only few months between truck dates.
  3. Yes, here at West Coast. My engine is about 15000 higher than yours, and I think that my is about 02/1920. So yours is at least 1919, maybe 1918?
  4. Great, thanks a lot! My car is pretty similar condition than yours, i.e. easy project. Republic yellow paint looks extremely durable!
  5. Can somebody refer manufacturing year for Republic truck model X11, serial number 10800? The max payload is 3000lbs, and the chassis length only 150"
  6. I'm really confused... The car number is 16320 in registration papers, but 90239 in the bill of sale, both 5 digit numbers. However, it's older than 1922, when it was registered first time. The car was bought 1/28/1920 so if it was new, it was probably made in 1919. But I don't know was it new...
  7. Might be hard to find, but I'll try: Does anybody have c. 1905 Oldsmobile 4 passenger body, seats or other body parts...? Single cylinder model, I believe that it is model N cell: 971.470.6895
  8. May somebody help, what is the production year (1922 or earlier) of Oakland with serial number of 16320? Engine is 6-cylinder, 32hp. Thanks.
  9. Thank you, this helped me to solve I'll ne mystery
  10. This car should be 1912 Buick. What is the model? Radiator emblem looks quite big and square for Buick? May somebody confirm, thanks!
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