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  1. Hi there and thank you - The Style 57-4539=two door coupe as I found a Buick archive site this coded to a four door and that a two door was 57-4537.
  2. Thank you so much for all the input-totally blown away of all this resource -Thank you again
  3. My Dad is thinking about buying this car. First the registration of the VIN was incorrect (could be an honest mistake. The registries forgot the 5 in front of the D which is suppose to be 5D1023951 from the driver's door tag. The plate on the fire wall is posted on my first post. It just has me wondering is all
  4. I am a little confused decoding this plate. This is off of a 1957 Super 2 Door -The Trim code, the Paint Code is a little wonky. The style? The Body I get somewhat -just strange -looking for some help please
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