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  1. At my shop in suburban Chicago. In storage for decades. Running well. Will need

    additional cooling and fuel system work. Original interior with insect and rodent damage. Body wood is excellent with proper door gaps.  One of the first produced. Have build sheet from GM. Original colors were Cromwell blue/black with gold stripe. Old lacquer paint is cracking. Possible enclosed transport available. Thank you. trademarks@comcast.net. 

    V16 outside.jpg















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  2. On 12/29/2019 at 11:48 AM, John_Mereness said:

    WTB - Citroen Deux Chevaux - friends have requested one and prefer one in USA, not wanting to import one from France to USA - absolutely NO rust.  Please private message me.  

    Good Morning John.


    My friend has a nice one here in Chicago.  Text me at 847-224-0642, and I will send pics-price.  It has no rust.  Thank you. John

  3. Just out of storage. 526.  126" WB.  289 C.I. 3875 lbs.  Runs smoothly with good oil pressure. Will need fuel/cooling system work. Genuine leather interior and Haartz top are quite nice. Extra set of fenders with sidemounts. Wood running "boards".  Chicago.  $27,500.00.  Thank you.  John

    1928 Packard.jpg

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  4. 1947 Frazer Standard Sedan converted to taxicab.  Out from 20 year storage.


    1. Continental 6 runs, with good oil pressure, and no smoke, but will need a head gasket.


    2. Brakes will need rebuilding. Clutch is working. Fuel system needs cleaning.


    3. Vinyl seats. No door panels or headliner. Radio and heater.


    4. Radial tires and new battery. Chrome is poor. Patch on driver floor. Several windows are cracked.


    Interior and undercarriage pictures to follow. Delivery available. Clear title.


    Thank you.  John.  847-224-0642

    47 Frazer 1.JPG

    47 Frazer 2.JPG

    47 Frazer 3.JPG


    47 Frazer 5.JPG

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  5. From the collection of George Holinga.


    A complete ground up restoration was completed in 2015.


    Presented in stunning Packard Berkshire dark green metallic, with bronze gold pin striping, 24K gold cormorant, and correct tan woolen broadcloth interior.


    Probably the finest 1937 Super 8 in the world as confirmed by receiving the 2015 Packard Automobile Classics Merriman Award. (Best Restored).


    AACA National First Place. Hershey 2015.

    AACA. Senior First Place.  Hershey.  2016.


    Operates wonderfully with high speed rear axle. Car is Located in Ohio. Will be at Hershey 2018. Offered for $149,000.00. Auxiliary trunk is available.


    George Holinga. 614-570-1939.  georgeholinga@gmail.com  



    37 6.JPG

    37 1.JPG

    37 4.JPG

    37 3.JPG

    37 5.JPG


    37 7.JPG

    37 8.JPG

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